#70 t’ Narrow n yet Shallow aquascapes Bart duth return. September/??? 2019

Saturday 14th September 2019      nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 has enjoyed many ers of chuggenly crewsings ‘and statically floatings in t’ River Thames & Isis in passed weaks butt all Grand ‘oliday voyages ‘av t’ end sum thyme. t’ Narrow n yet Shallow aquascapes Bart duth return !  Indeed !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!


Pyrate Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  n ‘is sumthymes Happy go Lucky Cru  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   saled inta Jericho Port sum daize ago, butt due t’ high alcoholic content (oar weir dat percentage) ovold barrels a’rum & udder grog found in quartermasters secret weed hatch facilitay several periods o’ thyme may ‘av past moist ovus bye ! Sumwot !!  Knot two worry !  Why Wurry !!  Only mildly (moistly) concerning to anybody who actually cares, oar e’en gives a you no wot !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Nutting to trouble wonself oar e’en bee perturbed aboat awl dose hue crewsingly sale aboat in Bart World. Wot e’er year it could possibly (bumble) bee


Dats muchly betters. Izntit !!   RoxyChicKnits is trading again so Thee World o’ Bart & t’ wider area around iznow improved Greatlyness.

Sunday 15th September      nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 (Born John Roberts in Casnewydd-Bach) has awakened t’ beating heart. Better known as Lister. Warmed by t’ early morn sun Lister, Skip, Skippet, 1st Mate & Infamous Buccaneer F.M. Leapy (commandeered four a phew voyagely ripple glidings) set sale…….




A weir’dly strange watery world o’ wailingly weeping willows cool hour very hot cru as they douse every ting in there path with an almoist invisibly fine spray of perfectly clear droplets d’aqua. Stunningly refreshing !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!   e-specially aft awl dat strongly vintage grog consumed in weaks n months gone bye.


Never manage to successfully take any such Fabulous photographs so just a couple of cheats amongst these Wonderful scenes !!!




A very trublesum lock on lift bridge causes muchly frustrations. Persistance eventually wins the day


Thrupp  ‘arbour shirtenly bee a Fine plaice two rest aft many a lift bridge, muchly lochs, flowing ripples ‘and men’ee a more’d craft.

Monday 16th September      n


Delightful Thrupp bids hour narrowboatly ohm “Fair Thee Well




River Cherwell allows Lister to clear dose blocked tubulars moist enthusiastically !!!


Soonly back t’ shallower murky’nesses as we swim threw Enslow.


Delightfully Dinky ‘and cosy awl at same thyme


Knot shore wot ‘is problem izbee !!!   Crazy Bunny Rabbit


Aft ‘ay long knot inconsiderable slowly ate ers o’ crewsings we park near Heyford Common.

Tuesday 17th September      Thyme two chuggens forrard


A start yesterday e’ening in woodly preparations. Gitting ready fore February !


following sternly Good Morns t’ low’cals










Lovely Toothie Pegs !  Beautifully White, Crisp & Very VERY SHARP !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!


Liquid levels Aaaarrrggh !!!  Writely noticeably down in sum o’ deaze pounds. Really mud skimming. Lister just aboat managing t’ keep hour Barticus in motion !!


Slightly on t’ wonkies. nigh on twenty fore toely digits a’whey from thee bank. Lost it completely trying two count awl hour digits n paws working oat t’ (mind thee) gap in Bart’s sternly nether regions. How Rude !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Wednesday 18th September      Muchly Bartly Jobs knead workings on……

Nasty bubberly iron oxide formations ‘av bean occuring low’cal two thee to bulls’eyes above bedroom n Lister’s room, bye sternly Epping’s chimney ‘and several sections of roofly gutter on both port n starboard runs. Aggressive scrapings, rubbing n sanding downs izbee ‘aving twobee taken plaice. Aft cleanings down ‘and whiteley spirits t’ Mag’eak Owatrol Oil can niao be applied to said areas o’ prepped steelwork.

During daylight ers Bartly wonkinesses vary muchly azmeny craft gurgle buy dis whey n dat, using waterfalls ‘and aquelevators both North ‘and South ovour currently, almoist static position

Just an’udder Gorgeously Sunny Hot day we hath enjoyed !! Aaaarrrggh !!!

Thursday 19th September      Moor Wonderful climate greets us agin. Moor Workings two Enjoy …….  Clean yesterday’s processed areas ‘and applications o’ primer their niao bee.

Sternly roof hatch izbee niao completely removed and laid upside down on toe’path. Thin sheet o’ ply stuck too underside o’ hatch hath grown ty’red n said aft nineteen years so thyme two encourage it off. A tittle wyle later. Underside o’ hatch hath a couple areas o’ dat ‘orrible oxiding iron amongst sum lighter poorlynesses. Scrappey, rubbey sandy minutes pass on bye. Eventually tiz thyme t’ clean n prep wiv dose clever mineral spirits. Then d’ Owatrol izbee slimmed awl o’er. Lubberly !!


Thyme t’ relax n bask inta e’ening Sun…..


Beautiful end two’thee day !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Friday 20th September      We Aaaarrrggh !!!  moor than just wonkey this morn !!  Can ‘ardley walk threw hour Barticus without fallin o’er. We iz surprised t’ find water level hath descended considerably during nightly ers o’ darkness. nb:Bartholomew Robert’s 1682-1722 is  STUCK !  LANDED !! PISSED !!!  Aaaarrrggh  !!!  !!!   Ain’t Going anywhere  !!!

Cru assist t’ neighbours as they n there boat struggle t’ escape from t’ clutches ov extremely sticky canal bed (no dirty comments please) mixtures with very aqua’shallows. Aft sum persistence efforts t’ glue slowly stretches ‘and finally gives. We wave ’em Goodbye n Good Luck. Do knot get stuck. Agin. Bart knot gitting oat ov ‘ear. F’aaaarrrggh !!!  two Big, Deep, Loonnngggg n ‘eavey to budge off dis landing pathway. Aft conversing wid CaRT aboat hour sticky situation we iz informed water will being ripplingly flowed down from many furlongs distance n chambers from Claydon. Datz Blooming Miles ‘ay whey. OK.

MOOR Workings…  Primer underside ov sternly hatch. First coat o’ green in roofly bits n pieces.

Tiz mid aft’noon. Water levels, though still low, seem similar t’ dose o’ yesterday n beyonder. Best we try ‘and heave hour niam less wonkie craft off thee current parking spot. Sum determined straining bye Bart, Lister, chums ‘and cru prove fruitful. Knot quick. F’aaaarrrggh !!!  from easy. We Manage two break free.


Threw t’ lift bridge heading set fore pastures knew…..



Aft aquarefresh Bart climbs Banbury loch


Hold Thee Pose !!


Passed Tooleys


Too late two make hour intended ‘arbourly stop, so anchor near Bourton.

Saturday 21st September      Such propulsion we shall enjoy


Chuggenly forrard


Training cru


Slat Mill izbee reached so moor jobbings can be worked. Paint underside o’ sternly hatch cream. Sand, clean, prep And Owatrol roof boxes. T’ wood just soakingly laps up diz cleverly clear liquid. Coat o’ varnish goes on later. Looking FAB !!     Niao !  Oat comes t’ Polish and cloth a’plenty. Many ers later, roofly diamonds, hatches ‘and starboard side cabin Awl Looking FANTABULOUS  !!!

Sunday 22nd September      So knot quite so ‘ot oar sunny. So did stay.

Monday 23rd September      “Motion forrards”  Commands Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!   “Aye !   Aye !!   Cap’n !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!! ”  


End deaze statical floatations we shall. Lister n maties work enthusiastically t’ propulsions on threw Cropedy



Tiz thee electricity battery boat


1st Mate ‘and “The Knee


Clathercote Bay iz moist Delightful !!


Aft landing, Roxy tiz ‘aving FUN. Thee e’ening becomes “save d’ saloon & galley LED ceiling lights”. Try too anyway. Skip’s attempts t’ reconnect broken cable t’ usb plug/controller. Knot ‘appening. Lack o’ skill.


Tuesday 24th September      This day bee Wet Windy n awl udder tings “fall” like. Hunker down inside. Back t’ LEDs. A spare (Christmas) set o’ similar USB powered droplet LEDs Aaaarrrggh !!!  commandeered. Both sets is connected together, being powered from thee won 5vdc USB plug. They Work !!   FAB !!!   Droplets niao supply gentile lighting below gunwales. And (replacing t’ old 240vac heart lights) round thee bow doors/windows two. Cru izbee moist Pleased !!   Took ages t’ feed wire n droplets threw hearts ‘aving removed ’em from 240s. Definitely worth t’ effort. Skip n Skippet go black berry picking. Ist Mate tries to help wear possible. Got Loads ovem.

Wednesday 25th September      We iz celebrating “Roxy Day” on dis fine autumnal day. Five years ago hour tittle fore legged 1st Mate joined Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  n ‘is cru o’ Bucaneering Pyrates Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!


Aft soggy morn tiz thyme t’ slip dose lines


If only twere true !!


Clathercote soonlie leads t’ five climbingly Claydon aquachambers


Datz Muchly Betters


Niao onta watery summit, ‘orizontally we travel………..


Fenny Compton “Tunnel” (it really weir wonce, many years ago) guides Bart n cru t’ gas replennishment followed by secure nightly restings….

Thursday 26th September      Thee clock’s Bell strikes ten. Their we go.


Temporarily lashed to work boat during aqua refill, Lister takes charge


Chugggens Bart threw Oxford’s Shires, t’ Enjoy. Sheep country


Tiz dis plaice. Unusual looking fellas !   Deaze Texels



Windie’pops makes for Goodlie flag flyings. You should sea tuther 27…….


Won moor four Good Luck. Weir a lucky won two !! (just missed ‘is toes)



Commonal garden sheep & Beulah Speckled Face amungst many udders….


Enticing !  Dat outside bath looks moist inviting.


Quite a Rude ruminant heard o’ flock !!


woollybacks, muttons, lambs, jumbucks, woollies. Soo many confusions. During liquid traversings ovdis voyage Skip pulled o’er an retrieved sum Big lumps o’ felled tree. Niao their bee FUN wid bowsaw n hand axe. Know knead to bover quartermaster f’ thee BIG AXE. Hopefully be put t’ Good use sumday soon. Itz ers later when ee crawls back in t’ find ‘is bunk !!  

Friday 27th September      Fore an er Lister (& Skip) slowly awakens up wyle rest o’ cru pick loads moor Black berries. Black Berry And apple crumble awl ready from last successful foragings. Cannee weight.


Well yee will ‘av t’ weight. Lister n chumlie maties Aaaarrrggh !!!



Marston Doles leadingly shepherds cru like ‘ay tittle flock o’ pyrates


descendinly down quite ‘ay phew very soggily waterfallings



Sum cru Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   just leaping aboat like cheeky monkies


A might precarious !!


OH !!  THEIR SKIPPET (tittle Red Riding Hood) GOES AGIN !!!


With Lister quietly settled ‘and relaxing we can awl chill four ‘ay wyle. Aft cru ‘av bean t’ Fabulous Napton stores so we can calm hour very fret’full quartermaster down sumwot. Bean gitting in ‘ay write old state !!

Saturday 28th September      Sliding descendingly Bart declines


thee remaining quart o’ nine Napton aquelevators


Napton Windmill waves a vigorously pivotal toodle’oo (oar weir it moor ovay toodle’pip ? )



Old’e boaters Wigrams Turn marks waters meeting, weir GU converges wid Oxford two enjoy each udders company four a wee wyle.


Wot can won (leg) say ?


“S” bend wiv bridge negotiated at almoist stallingingly ticko’er revolutions.


Nutting t’ add




Tittle babies trying t’ hide inta waivey dipped troughs in t’ field


Fearsum Bucaneering Filibuster Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  And ‘is occasionally Merry (just the one) cru o’ pyratey seadogs  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   stealtherly glide intwo a quietly secluded bay

Sunday 29th September      Sunday can bee a proper lazy day. Maid e’en better bye brunch o’ softly gently boiled eggs partnered buy Lovely thick slices o’ buttered bloomer. Wot ‘ay rare treat. Two bee savoured. ‘Ay fare phew ers later, following aft’noon long snoringly snoozes eye may add Dear Bloggets, we reconvene fore supper o’ very tasty Salmagunchi bake followed buy t’last helpings ovthee moist Gorgeously Scrumptious BB&A Crumble topped wiv ice cream. YUMMIE  !    YUM  !!    YUM  !!!     Me tinks sum pyrates will bee snoring moist gleefully two’night !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Monday 30th September      Might bee off voyaging on ‘ay crewsings at thee start o’ dis week.

Tuesday 1st October      T

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