#66 Avast Ye ! We crews t’ Old Londinium Town Aye ! Aye !! Cap’n !!! Aaaarrrggh !!! !!! May/June 2019

Wednesday 15th May 2019     We crews. We must. Avast Ye !  Weigh anchor !!  Aboat to tonnes Cap’n Aaaarrrggh !!!   ‘aving Hugged n sed hour


Ciao fore niao wid chumlies d’pyrates, Lister works exceedingly well (aziz use) wid maties gear, prop n rud gently coaxes t’ almoist devilishly lengthy craft we call home safely n calmly from Wolfhampcote Bay. No traumas. All Very calm. Until sum twonk following us on ‘iz boat decides he wants t’ try n moor in Bart’s stern cabin rather than show a tittle patience and “Slow Down” when crewsing past statically floating vessels. Shellfish Moron. Shirtenly doesn’t take kindly to being requested quite nicely, to reduce his speed so we is knot being rammed up d’ bum as sum could likelies say. Sum ‘peoples’ is ‘Missing thee Point’. Obviously just does’nee git it. Yee cannee git a’wey from All ov ’em !  E’en in dis World !!        Aaaarrrggh !!!   Weaze chuggen many an aqua’fathom. Braunston provides safe Anchorage to go Bartering f’ foodlie supplies and chandlier huntings four colourants. Black Multiforte (great fluid) And Toplac Bounty Red, Cream & Donegal Green (all quality liquids) two. A plast’eak boat hook also. Would you believe it Maties !!  Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!! !!!   Tiz only early aft’noon so Lister takes ‘Thee Bull bye ta ‘orns’. Az ‘they’bloggets might say. Aque’traverse ahead we glide building up wet steam t’climb thirty five n ‘alf


(at thymes, sluggardly n very shallow) feet (dat bee o’er won ‘undred n seventy five toely digits). Niao we swim t’long wiggerly darkness o’ Braunston Tunnel. Yes !  Dat won. Yes !!   Wiv dat ‘famous’ ‘S’ bend towards the southern portal. We k’no !!!  


Norton’s fine knew birthing pools provide moor than t’ required ample restbite fore ty’red n weiry pyrates Aaaarrrggh !!!  We. Yes indeed. ZZZzzzzzzz…..

Thursday 16th May      Their, beyonder Norton Junction lies Buckby Wharf soonestly chased bye t’ namesake’s Big heptameter o’ aqua’falls. A fine couple on there tittler narrowboat join our Bart n crue fore d’ descentional slidings.


All combining t’swish we’all a decent o’three ‘undred n fifteen tittle digits


Dear Sarah Jane we shirtenly will knot !!!    Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!


Wiv’in duo ‘ers craft n crue ‘av sploshed oat t’ soggy bottom, passing moist splendid cottaged wisteria bouque Leguminosae d’ Fabaceae, in’two ‘orizontal ripples. We birth f’ aboat ‘alf n ‘er t’ sfbs (share fruity brown sauce) (knot ketchup, t’ bee shore) wid boaty chums u bee moored write ‘ear. Sum wyle later, aft cheerios fore breakfast, Lister n Co. assist fore’word floatation bye wot locals call thee ‘art otter shires ‘and through


D’ smattering o’ fluffy white Stratocumulus aerosol will knot be keeping Mr/Mrs Sun in hiding four muchly longers…….   Know Sir’ee.  And.  Know Mad’am eaver !! 


delightfully gentile wooded curvaceousnesses, clearing t’ moor opened undulations o’ travellations  d’narrowboatings o’ Bart World.


Pleasantries exchanged we leave dese fine young peoples t’ there celebrations


passing on bye many a fine ‘istoric craft knot long bee’four nb:Black Bart finally comes t’ restfulness int’ shadow o’ Weedon Bec. Dis will do very nicely.

Friday 17th May      Fairthee prompt commencement o’ personal (yee duznee knead tano t’ details) movements ondis cooler day. Aft free aqua refresh ‘and acquisitions o’ diesel fuel n gas ‘our merry tittle butt quite long Barty boat swims onnay southerly tack threw almoist luscious countryside (both sides actually) (port n starboard) steadily splicing level waters fore fathoms, bee’coming furlongs, e’en stretching oat t’leagues. Oh! So many !!  (we is pyrates)   Aaaarrrggh !!!    Aft ‘ay Longgggly thyme ers,


Gayton Junction leads two container ships (n container boats also) and almoist ultimately, t’Blisworth and her splendidly elongated


dankly darkness o’subterranean verticals ‘And ‘orizontals passageways.


Would ya credit it !!   Hue & pigmentations d’splendours. A moist joyfuls t’bee’hold !!  BACK IN TWO THEE LIGHT We fall (eventuallies) and write their just off t’ bow


floats Stoke Bruerne. A Marvellous boaty haven their e’er could bee.

Saturday 18th May      Staticness all rolled in with cloudy occasional dripply drizzles all goes to make Roxy Chick n her knits (n crochetings) knot t’easiest oar most satisfactory salt o’daize. All a slight annoyingly !!    Skippet n 1st Mate knead ‘ay tittle uplifting…..


Ma n Pa wid an A-May-Zing octa’tittle’uns.

A Fine Family indeed !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!


First lock pound awaits nb:Bartholomew Roberts t’morrowly swimmings

Sunday 19th May     Shall we go oar should we stay niao ??  Dat bee t’ question !  Weir close to waking t’beating heart o’ Bart up. A quick recheck otter wedder forecast convinces Skippers too, two remain n float around four ‘ay wee wyle longer. Lister n maties rest easy. Well worth t’ ‘anging ‘ear as Roxy Chick n Skippet n Co. ‘av a Fantast’eakly Successful confidence boosting tradings. Peter Jones mayhaps be a tittle underwhelmed butt Wiley old sea’dog (knot 1st Mate) Skip bee moist impressed !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   Which ee ain’t, easily oar very often, it ‘as t’ bee sed !!!

Monday 20th May      Maid t’ git up, splooshed n dressed, And as Lister be stretching dose cylinders, bores n shafts ready fore thee off ‘ay nb:Dottie M passes bye approaching top lock o’ Stoke Bruerne’s heptameter flight d’ aqua’falls. Wiv a size eleven n half pirate booty up there butt cheeks crue is finally in sum activity d’ movement. E’en if only slowly. 


Bart hath soon joined ‘our knew traversing compatriots & Down We Go.


A Smoothly efficient sliding descents duth ochre as we near twins float stealthily South


Knot Longgg niao, tabby shore. tabby shore Aye !  Say !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!


Their bee ‘ay mermaid oar mayhaps ye olde’ ancient merewif captured n tied tabow o’boat. We pyrates revere merewifs two aft ‘ay very brief n successful baddle she soonlies bee set free t’ splash aboat agin, as bee’fits such ‘ay Wonderfully Marvellous Creature. They must enjoy life as free spirits t’ keep us all Safe n Sound   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!


A cuppell o’ Fine phillies. Mayhaps Mares. Oar won odd each. Knot really shore, return admiring glances ‘as Bart n Lister chuggenlies bye.


Thyme just gentile rolls on bye two ‘as nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 glides, uninterruptedly graceful liklies passed delightfully scenery filled landscapes.


Moist Splendid Cosgrove Bridge swishes we t’ Cosgrove lock weir flow downwardly we do. Tiz quite a tricky trip moor until Giffard Park provides suitably fine anchorage in witch t’ slumber. Aft a maid too order ‘at bee collected buy lady oh commissioned sed titfer in Stoke Bruerne tuther day.

Tuesday 21st May      Their bee extremely calm n relaxed swimmings


as Skip n Skippet guide ‘our Bart threw won curvy crescent too a sinuously twisty curvilinear undulation two an almoist doglegged


(oar weir dat horselegged)


(mayhaps e’en just teensy weensy miniature equine) hairpin we


swish bye many a different type o’ critter. Swimmings, floatingly


And/oar flightingly dancing aboat inta water oar d’air.


Moistly aqua’breeds o’ sum salt oar udder.


Bart, Lister n chumlies swish n swoosh passed tree filled parkland sounding ‘our route through d’ Wonderful outskirts o’ Keyne d’Miltons. Won otter most inviting plaices tathee canal dwellers meanderings. Oh !  Yeh !!   Viridescent park aft’ sumptuous park indeed.


Serene tranquility bee moist rudely interrupted aft bridge eighty two


buy majorly productive building works non toe’path side.


And on da quietly serene toepath side ‘ay Fine looking new Marina oppo’sit. Dis mayhaps bee thee intended junction widta proposed Bedford ‘and MK Waterway. Dunnee no weather da crue a Black Bart  Aaaarrrggh !!!  Liklies t’ sea its fruition. Mayhaps !   Oapsoo !!


Notoriously t’ low’cal bridge dwelling guardiens. Suspiciously hawkeyed


two’wood creapingly crafty looking boats sliding bye moist gentile liklies.



At least

t’ curiously odd

MK Twins

Bee contentment personified


Aft sum serious wiggerlies t’ canal serenely smooths oat fore moor relaxingly calmed crewsings wid added new ‘orizons aft gushingly lock climbings o’ Fenny Stratford’s aquelift. Delightful Anchorage d’Stoke ‘ammond suits moist requirements attend o’chuggens.


Doze bulls, Cowes, cattle, moo’moos ‘And e’en moor


moo’moos, two bee shore, pass on buy hour door (side hatch actually) as we relaxingly rest moist eazel’ee……..

Wednesday 22nd May      We iz up ‘and a’whey sharpish agin, leaping up Stoke ‘ammond’s chamber witchby off d’heels o’ tri’Soulbury inverted aquafalls. Thee River Ouzel tracks almoist every swish olde prop makes wid help o’ Lister d’vintage. Rippling quietly inta shadow ov hour chosen liquid highway from thymes gon bye. Leighton wide aquelevator guides craft n crue t’ Buzzard d’Leighton wear muchly depleted larder can be lovingly restocked. Relief bee tangible amungst All on board. Especially 1st Mate. Woof  !   Woof  !!   Wiggle  !!!   Aaaarrrggh  !!!  !!!     Aft much kneaded sustenance, provided buy tasty lunchagundi travellings South continue


coupled wid almoist alarming ‘ollo’graf’eak scenes ‘andly followed by sensibly staggered arisings aided bye Grove n Church lochs.


‘Ay quiet country mooring izbee perfect four two oar e’en three snoozlings.

Thursday 23rd May      Their be leagues n moor waters ahead t’ chuggens so an’udder quick departure leads t’ positive ‘orizontal progresses combining wid scramblings a’plenty up many a wide canal loch.


Slaptons finely new gated d’aqua’risings brings Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!   ‘is quietly fearsome crue ‘and there Finely Craft high n ready fore much kneaded aqua’refreshment. Their mayhaps bee a teeny tiny chance 1st Mate mite also smell slightly moor fresh n clean later two. Wyle atta watering ‘ole a narrow companion appears, arising hour recent uplifting, witch lightens thee up n coming aqualift work loadings.


Mother n daughter watch hour calmly slow progress threw thee moist delightful pastures green.


Mother n pups enjoying warm summer waters


It ‘as tabby said. Sum Aaaarrrggh !!!  write lazy tittle tykes !!!


‘Ay father chambers d’otto ‘and won swing bridge later we almoist twins is bean chaperoned t’Marsworth Junction (weir thee neigh on six mile Aylesbury Arm drops a’whey inn’ta distance swooshing down fifteen lochs) weir aft taken a very deep breath oar too weaze tackling t’ heptameter o’ chambers lifting crafts n crues higher, o’er two ‘undred digital toes with’inn aboat ‘ay toisand fathoms. Quite summit. Inn fact, Tring Summit tabby exactingly informative.


Hour swimming compatriots negotiate t’very cosy tight Bulbourne Junction t’ glide t’ niao decidedly shortly Wendover Arm. Moist ovitz unnavigable. Mayhaps won day ?   Alone agin, nb:Bartholomew Robert’s 1682-1722 slides threw Tring cutting finding moor suitably clear open Cowroast surroundings.


And ‘ay birthing pool moist suitables hen t’moor. We drop anchor.

Friday 24th May      Fore tiz as latte as eight thirty bye thyme Lister hath warmed up n chuggens from ‘ere we Aaaarrrggh !!!   Aquafueled and niao reddy fore Thee Big Descent……


Cowroast loch being t’ first o’ menny. ‘


Ay single ‘anded narrowcraft arrives two late as we bee almoist threw t’ cows bottom. Cap’n Black Bart  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   commands pyrates two (tonne) weight (anchor)  atta next descendancy. Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   nb:Jeanne soon arrives n Dudswell’s duo be tittle convoy’s start n Northchurch quartet continuancies. Sum o’ pounds izbee blatantly lacking usual aqualevels. Makes four ‘interesting’ boat ‘andling practises n exercisings. Knot easy at thymes. Mud plugging n glooping a’plenty.


Deep draughted Bart ‘and Jules Fuels just aboat manage to avoid gitting stuck ‘Good n Proper liklies’. Thankfully !!



Hour convoy splits as travel companion berths four acquisitions n Bart crewses forrards two n threw ‘ay Berkhamsted trio d’aquelevators.


Soonlies followed bye twins o’ trios.        Bourne End n Winkwell lowerings.


Winkwell’s powered swing bridge behaves itself today, witch cannee bee true o’ passed experiences, so dat helped keep da mood calm as several attempts to find adequate water depth t’moor  ‘av bean sumwot unsuccessful !!


Hour berthing luck improves as worthily named Boxmoor provides four hour deep draughted craft just wot she kneads. Just !!


Yesterday t’weir sixteen lochs n won swinging bridge. Tizday we negotiated (would ya believe it) sixteen lochs n won swinging bridge.


We No !!   SPOOKY !!   MAD !!!




Saturday 25th May      So. Aft yesterdaize weir’doe revelation. Downwards ‘and onwards Bart world shall swim e’en moor, on ‘ay generally almoist southerly tack.


Wonderfully wise critters limbs d’otto advise many a’passing floaters


t’ peruse sum Fine handcrafted wears and triumphs available from t’ moist Marvellous floating traders market won could e’er find.


Which won would YOU CHOOSE hour tittle Bloggets.


Trios o’ Boxmoor n Apsley speed up t’ downward motions. Nash Mills twins verti’goes t’ Kings Langley, Home Park n North Grove.


‘Helpful’ locking crue forgot to inform there wide beam’s skipper their weir a boat (our Bart) descending and evacuating t’ chamber. SURPRISED HE WAS !!!  when bottom gates opened and their bee us !!  Wide beam ended up stuck in mud ‘and fighting overhanging greenery aft taking avoiding action. Said skipper knot best pleased wid ‘is lesser minors !!!


Their descendants being Hunton Bridge’s tandem aquavertigoes down two o’ Lady Capels lowerings. The simply Wonderful ‘istorical olde watermill watches o’er us azwee manoeuvre passed many a static craft and swinging threw a spattering o’ tightly bends.


Know long ‘parking spaces’ n lack o’ underwater spaciousness beats hour attempts t’ land, whilst still floatingly bobbing aboat at thee same thyme. Slip along father we shall. Cassiobury Park chambers o’ verticals bring us lower inta expansive woodiness n muchly greenery. We try hour luck local two’ay slight clearing. Fortune favours t’ brave. Great position and bobbing We Aaaarrrggh !!!    Tell yue bloggets !   Ya ain’t gunna believe dis !!   Wot ?   Exacta’mon’doe  !!   Sixteen  !!!   Say !  Know !!  Moor !!!    Nudge !  Nudge !!  Wink !!  Wink !!!

Sunday 26th May      Sixteen ?  Knot any’moor !  Please !!   Swishing down Iron Bridge loch, threw da woody park, then Cassiobury Bridge takes


Bart World t’ lower flows n moor descensions o’ Common Moor, Lot Mead n Batchworth take hour floatingly propulsed vehicular home t’ Rickmansworth. Knot stopping ‘ear though. Plaices tagoe.


A pleasant crewsings passed t’ occasional Very Fine craft, Splendid nature reserves ‘and lakes, all wid sensibly spaced wateryfallings duth proceed downwardly threw Springwell, Copper Mill, Black Jack’s n Wide Water. Won BIG Final Denham Deep chamber ‘and our outstanding


Bart ‘and moistly Astonishing crue Aaaarrrggh !!!


gentile slipping two a comfortable restfulness on Uxbridge Reach. Simply Delightful !!

Monday 27th May      Monday this day shirtenly ‘ay Bank ‘oliday o’muchlies required restings f’ crue o’ Cap’n Black Bart  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Tuesday 28th May      Thyme to take ourselves off for a wander round town. Check a few plaices out. A small number o’ fine acquisitions prove tiz a Good walkings.

Wednesday 29th May      We is off tunnelling our whey t’ Moorgate, branching off two suburbs o’ Clapham for a Very Important visitation ! Long Overdue !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Thursday 30th May      Thee Bart World 2019 routings still unfussed so bobbings aboat just ‘ay tittle longer we shall.

Friday 31st May      Forrard crewsings we chuggens wide water


to Uxbridge descending aquelevator witch lowers


nb:Bartholomew Robert’s 1682-1722 t’ Cowley Wildlife Park


Cowley Boat Park


Cowley Moor n Float


Cowley Boat Crane Hire


‘And aft Cowley’s Boatly Service Dtation, said name’s water chamber casually swishes our proposed longly narrowboat down to muchly extended calmnessing ‘orizontals. Packet Boat Bay tiz a Moist Fine Anchorage in witch we can dwell fore a wee wyle.






Ma n Pa Aaaarrrggh !!!  looking aft thee tittle wons moist satisfactorily

Saturday 1st June      Staticness d’floatings. Fine weather two Enjoy !!

Sunday 2nd June      So ‘ay walkly wanderings we d’crue duth appreciate, River Colne, Tittle Britain Lake, Fray’s River n udder watery low’cals make fore moist marvellous rambly saunterings.

Monday 3rd June      Moor d’static we shall knot fore a wyle at least. Chuggens caerphilly passed Cowley Peachey Junction commences just a wee swimmings o’moistly linear straightnesses mixed wid a very lite smattering o’ gently aquacurves.


Sadly demolishings occurring ‘ear. Last remnants o’


Nestle’s Coffee factory (closed in 2014) in Hayes, Middlesex slowly disappearing. Wander wot wonders mayhaps arisings from t’ ground o’er coming months……  Bulls Bridge Junction sloe’lea appears o’er thee ‘orizons.


And guess hoo bee just bobbing up n down !   Write their !!   Famous Pyrate Cap’n Black Murk n ‘is crack’pot crue just arrived in port. Bart aboatly spins inta junction n glides gentile two stern, too’n passed


bee’fore slidingly creeping o’er to a’breast up. How Rude !!!

Aint sea’n dis lotta bootlegging seawolfs fore moor than blooming ages. Fantabulous !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!     Aboat turn n sternly reversals soonaz hour crafty vessel anchored safely n securely in Bulls Bay. Pize night it iz bee knot fa pyrates dis eve. Grog flows similar t’ leisurely calm ripples in a gentile breeze And salmaspicy raps wid lashings o’ piquantly tangy’sum fruity brown sauce n udder various relishes. Extremely flavour’sum moist fruity Straw’bugs n chilled cornish vanilla milky cream Aaaarrrggh !!!  Just thee ‘cherry on top’. Goes down Gorgeously Smoothly.

Tuesday 4th June      Thier ya go. Steadily soggy duz knot stop Cap’n Black Bart Weigh t’ Anchor  Aaaarrrggh !!!  And ‘is crue  Aye !  Aye  !!  Cap’n !!!  Aboat too tuns Cap’n  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!    Haul t’ Main Sale !!  Aye  !   Aye  !!   Cap’n  !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!    Knot e’en shore wot to do wivda foresail though.


Sharply tacks taport we leave Grand Junction Canal main line tastern,  gliding inta warmer waters o’ GJC-Paddington arm. Sea ifya can wander weir Bart World beheading four niao.


Their bee critters making t’ moist o’ lowcal facilities


Sum trio’sums Aaaarrrggh !!!  knot t’ moist ‘appy in there sharing spaces.



Tiz a sloe’lea jaunt passed many a staticness d’crafts.


Many a wondrous shape, colour andoar sisal.


Won o’ many building sites creating refreshed canal side sceneries. Bart’s “usual” haunts Aaaarrrggh !!!  F’aaaarrrggh  !!! !!!  two boaty packed. Knot ‘appening. Udder berthing pools prove insubstantial fore Bartly draught requirements. Aft attempting anchorage in many an aquabasin we finally admit (partially) defeat. Alperton cove will ‘av to do. Beached we Aaaarrrggh !!!   Bow only ten toes a’whey ‘and stern amour considerable twenty five stretched toely digits from t’embankment. Butt at least we izbee peropely attached. Safe forthee nightalls.

Wednesday 5th June      We must continuance hour voyage t’arm o’ watery ripples, heading generally East threw t’ North Westerly regions o’ London Town.


Butt only aft an extremely important service station stop. Fine equipmentals


Knot shore we’av ‘ad opportunity t’ try seagull pie bee’fore. Sights, audibles, scenes, aromas (knot 1st Mate dis thyme) colours, textures all throwing demselves at craft n crue azwee chuggens d’flowingly aquapath dat twists n turns in many a different direction.


A wide clear stretch o’ water allows Lister two bee ‘opened’ up a tittle. Clear dose tubes just a bit as nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 swishes along. Roads & railways increasingly track hour route, crossingly flying over



and under thee waterway in witch we traverse.


Could bee thee start ovay a knew floating home ?  Possibly !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!


Duth admire talent o’ sum peoples.


Onwards we d’crue & hour craftly vessel chuggens through aquamurkyness. Muchly concrete, steel n glass constructionals lining up, along t’ canal n growing up, steadily creeping there whey towards tablew above. Must be t’ huge number o’ knew “affordable” residential accommodations being created fore All dose normal people round ‘ear, in knead. Tittle Venice mooring options knot proving viable Big old Bart. Only a few writely named “tittle” berths Aaaarrrggh !!!   available. Oh !  Well !!  Finger n toe digits crossed. Paddington Basin Hear We Come !!!   YIPPEE  !!!   Aaaarrrggh  !!!  !!!   Our luck bee in.  Aaaarrrggh  !!!  !!!


Berth bee just a tittle shortly four hour longly Bart so Bart’s butt bee sticking oat across t’ bow o’ porkly t’rear. Fine weather hath finally arrived to warm crue through two their very cockles. And we now ‘av neighbours.



Just won ovdose marvellously


tall building in olde Londinium Town. Aaaarrrggh !!!

Thursday 6th June      Tis soggy hunker down salt aday on vessel d’ Bart. Sumwear in Deepest Darkest Kent Skippet bee experiencing toothly implant surgery following bone munchingly grafting, sinus lift in January. Wot a Joy !!

Friday 7th June      Finely sucking da’red magic flowings from dat armly vein is t’ pleasure o’ Skip this morn. Amazingly fast & simple putt. Painless. Only booked on t’ intraweb Wednesday e’ening. Incredibules !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!   Knot much else going on roand left (oar write) ‘ear.

Saturday 8th June      So a visitation o’ Rochester Pyrates including a cupple o’ Finely young Grand’Picaroons within there ranks. Aft coffee n (Skippet homely crafted) banana bread  Delish !!  MAGEAK !!!  Off two find a Big Red Londinium Town Bus. Riding all thee whey t’ thee Astonishingly Marvellous Camden Market. Wot an Fantabulous plaice to visit. Wonderful sights, sounds, smells, tastes, aromatics, visions & reverberations amongst many an’udder type ov experiences t’ suck in and savour.

Sunday 9th June      Such bee t’ extreme soggy’ness shall we stay aroand ‘ere in a static salt o’ berthed portly ‘arbour.

Monday 10th June      May t’ precipitation continue. Oh !  Yes !!   Tubing all thee darkly tunnels deep down below travellings t’ strange lands Southern two old Father Thames. T’ spread fruity broan sauce with a Marvellously Wonderful Person who we doughnut sea vary often, it ‘as t’ bee said. Their !  We said it !!

Tuesday 11th June      Thyme t’ crews onwards……

P1040759nb:Black Bart n crue slip dose lions & with Lister already well n truly warmed up Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!   commands ‘is pyrates  Two Set Sale !!


Aye !   Aye !!   Cap’n !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!! !!!     Depart we olde’ pyrates do


Slowly passed all t’ buoyantly (& guirlantly) statics & occasional tall (moistly) (on thee outside) glass edifices.


Tacking taport on entering Tittle Venice Pools Lister n Chumlies softly propel hour vessel alongside t’ caffayboat so we can gain access two muchly kneaded aqua refresh n rubbish disposalings.


Aftly propulsions ‘and aboatly spin then we iz ‘eading t’ write whey.


Slicing East threw Regents Canal passed boatly homes, entering n shortly threw


Maida Hill’s Tunnel o’ darkness.


Lisson Grove baby ‘Tunnel’ follows quickly as their bee tiny



electric day hire boat ‘and larger tripboat on hour heels. Almoist.


Passed lowcal boatly communities


watched o’er bye friendly fire breathing dragons ‘and udder exotic critters.


We Goa sliding under whizzingly track d’rails sailing o’er above hour very


watery path, flowing Bart curvaceously along t’ Northern perimeter


o’ Regents Park, chuggen threw Londinium Zoo. Cannee sea t’ Giraffes oar Elleaphants t’ starboard



oar e’en spie dose Big flying ants n tings in tittle nets, t’ port.


Preparing fore tightly turn ahead


n write cosey below Prince Albert Road


Bye St. Mark’s church. Consecrated in 1853. Destroyed during the Battle of Britain in 1940. The church was consecrated in October 1957 after restoration.


T’ canal leads us safely bye Pirates Castle (Weaze OK !! ) 


(Knot any trouble to us Bucaneeringly fearsum Pyrates  Aaaarrrggh !!! )


Dead Dog Basin shows entree t’ Camden Lochs o’trio. Witch actually bee Hampstead Road chamber, Hawley aqualift n Kentish Town’s Big Wide Deep waterfall.


Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  ‘and is motly lot o’ legged pyrates weave there


slightly madly course two n thrue St. Pancras


‘and ‘itz many marvels






Londinium Canal Museum ‘and ice warehouses hiding bye Kings Cross Wharf


A relief t’ sea sum o’ thee old wharf buildings ‘av been saved !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!



Thyme two warm up dose feathers aft plungingly successful luncheon dive.



Islington Tunnel squeezes Bart threw n down City Road Loch




Love t’ new builds



And t’ Old builds e’en moor.


Statical pictorially colourfuls…..


Stuarts chamber joins linears flowings wid Actons aquelevator,


lowering t’last fore tiz daize swimmings. We ‘oap !!!


Floatingly colourful pictorials brighten up hour day e’en moor.

Knot shore we want t’ goes muchly fathers ondis particular voyagings.

Calmly crewsing passed many an  static craft continues.


Victoria Park !!      Our LUCK Iz In !!!    Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!


A Fabulous Green world within thee lowcal !!!

Wednesday 12th June      Wetly oat’side it bee. Moor than just tittle drizzles

Thursday 13th June      Tiz moistly soggy. Agin. Early evening and hour short nosely neighbour izon t’ move. Wiv lines free Lister n chums pull Bart two aft, allowing the lovely, teeny nb:Matilda-May to swing oat, swish roand on a sixpence ‘and glide serenely a’whey. Bart reberths a phew toes fore’wood ov hour previous low’cal. Cutting a diagonally rear oat salt o’ position. Knot ideal butt sticking oat, butt too stretched to fit in a mere fore’tea tittle tootsies oar sew. At least easier n safer to on ‘and off hour Bart. Tiz Fantastic being anchored alongside Victoria Park !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Friday 14th June      Fine guestly visiting Francais Pyrates ‘av arrived to share salmongunchi a’plenty, lashings o’ fruity broan sauce n just a flag’on o’ grog oar two !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Saturday 15th June      Squalls o’ moor than just drizzle agin. Yesterday mayhaps a tittle respite.

Sunday 16th June      So we ‘av moor guests. Lovely God daughter & her Gorgeous tittle girl. Great Market in the Park to enjoy. Games with Roxy. Load o’ fruity broan sauce. A Joyessly Wonderful Day fore ALL !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Monday 17th June      Moist Gorgeous Sunny day. Just Makes Everyting e’en better than already weir.  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Tuesday 18th June      Two weir should nb:Bartholomew Robert’s 1682-1722 bee swimmingly chuggens from ‘ear ??

Mayhaps come ‘and join Bart World

Gliding t’ watery ripples o’ Lee n Stort Navigations………………

3 thoughts on “#66 Avast Ye ! We crews t’ Old Londinium Town Aye ! Aye !! Cap’n !!! Aaaarrrggh !!! !!! May/June 2019

  1. It looks like an interesting journey, but your ‘quirky’ style of writing makes it irritating and completely unreadable.


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