#64 Base ‘Camp’. Winter 2018/2019

Thursday 1st November 2018     nb:Black Bart n crue depart o’night d’staticness swimming four only a shortly while and then crewses int’ North Kilworth ‘Arbour. Looks t’ bee a Fine basin in which our floating vehicular can rest thru them reduced murky (likely) daylights & sum’thymes lengthy cold Stygian like nights.

NKM - birds eye view 02.jpg

November      Knot so tittle Picaroons arrive (with suppoas’edd responsible buccaneers) four Bartly World swimmingly Fun !!  Might well be very soggy, butt Lister & chums is thrusting our floating home forwardly gliding via woodland glens, duskily dark tube d’taper & Muchly Lovely fresh dripping green countryside,


all t’whey two Foxton’s gargantuasly deep flowing stairwells. At a very lowly (bottomly) bum our long slender craft slips oat into tranquil, if wet, butt ‘orizontal waters. Bart tacks t’ starboard swishing we’all int’ liquid d’Market Harborough Arm, winding along roand curvaceous flows under Black Horse Bridge, swimming bye t’opened (Thanks Skippet) Foxton Swing Bridge. Clarke, Stepbridge & Johnnson’s Bridge guide craft & enlarged crue onwards to an under Crada’s stonely curved brickwork. Sedgleys, Bowden Hall, Saunts, t’ beautifully named Bridge Twelve, t’ aptly titled Turnover Bridge followed buy t’ interestingly designated Footbridge Fourteen marshal Cap’n Black Bart’s Aaaarrrggh !!!  Pirate ‘Ship’ an Crue to final ripples approaching Union Wharf. Hath bean a stretched oat day & dusk is already fully arrived. A soggily dripping skip guides Bart int’ an Ai-May-Zingly Barticus sized anchorage in amongst all dem udder boats. Thank Goodness fore dat. Tiz dark now. Ridiculous !!   Wot a Day. Niao to find a purveyor o’ Fine Foodies. Luckily we shirtenly do succeed in such a scrumptiousness o’ desperado.


Aft a well urn’t rest morn arrives surprisingly quickly. Bart World goes a’chuggen sum moor……..


At least tiz dry & comfy in nature. Picaroons prove they’re ‘metal’ at t’ helm.


Almoist like ducketts t’ water. Olde Prop ree’traces dose strokes o’ yesterday thru ripples o’ d’ bendy arm. Returning up them Marvellous dix chambers d’Foxton & all d’wey aft too Base Camp. A Fantastic duo daze voyage indeed. All topped off with a Delish Roast. Fantabulous !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!    Sad fair’thee’wells is bid as crue reduces agin.

A Bart jobs crews oat on t’ cut allows fore hull tlc workings. Bumps, scratches, bruises & gouges ‘av occurred during severn months of swimmings. Tis inevitable, e’en though we try two be careful. Incidents duth unfortunately occur on occasion. Early departure from NKM, moored. Hear we Go. Bow & sternly creams bands rubbed down, white spirited & respruced in cream. Looking GOOD !!   Starboard side above waterline (Obviously, you foo’ells) rubbing downs, white spirited, Owatrolled as n wear required & fourthly finally, Multiforte Blacked. Knot shore how we got a’wey wiv all dat. Just aboat squeezed in thyme. Aft aboat turning at Welford junction early following day we can niao re’in’act hour workings (severnty feet duth seam a very long whey) on t’ port side. A blooming long daze agin. Knackered. Can ‘ardly move. ‘Av t’ crawl on ‘ands an knees t’ bed. Off agin next day, reversing aft t’ Welford Junction, spinning & floating South. knot that Bart’s reversings weir as adept as usual with shallow waters affecting controlling sumwot aannoyinglies. Soggy today. At least stayed quite warm & dry fore last cup’ell o’ body workings daze. Anchored, we await thee eventual stopping o’rain, when finally, chainsaw thyme can commence. Big session. Followed bye chippingly axely chopping. Just knead t’ store it all int’ roof boxes niao. Int’ dark. Finally, we collapse bye t’bed. An udder day. A slower start dis morn. Slater, Bart glides t’ winding hole, aboat turns & makes a casually relaxed & ty’red return t’ base camp.

Tiz knot long bee’fore Crue o’ eight legs goes travelling in Nell. Such a Trusty stead. T’ Isle d’Wight. Looking aft tittle Picaroons.


Booked a static caravan fore a week.


Just so we can pick up wear we left off in September. Wot A Fantastic thyme we all had. Wonderful. Swimming, playing, Beaching, rock pooling. And loads o’ udder tings. All Good tings come two an end. Until next thyme tittle wons……..

Aft on Bart, winter progressed wiv a few boaty jobs, muchly RoxyChicKnits magical creations, incoming visits from friends, family & occasional pirates, trips t’ deepest Darkest Kent, an udder plaices. Wonderful travellings & visitings o’er Christmas. Sea’ing t’ New Year in at NKM. Fabulous night. Scrumptious Salmagunchi, Grog, Great pirates And Live music provided bye t’arbour band. The Ancient Mariners. Weir simply GREAT !!  Aaaarrrggh !!   

Aft an’udder four wheel trip t’ far flung corner o’ hour green n’ pleasant land, we worked with a weather porthole (oar be dat a round window), enjoying a three day trip oat on t’ cut. Moor wood cuttings ready to keep fuelling hour very hungary black squirrel who sits their, chuntering a’whey in t’ saloon’s corner.

Black Bart NKM 01a

Very cold weather descended on t’country. Tiz winter chumlies. Didnee ‘av much snow unfortunately, butt we boaters wear all frozen in for o’er a week.

Black Bart NKM 02a

Interesting listening t’ ice chuntering to won’self when outside enjoying thee chill. Knot so pleasant inside Bart,

Black Bart NKM 03a

with all dat banging, crunching & graunching aginst t’ hull. Ya salt o’ get use to it. Eventually. Mayhaps. Knot shore reallies !!   Suddenly won morn it weir All Gone !!

North Kilworth Marina - aerial 4

Bee’fore we realised, Feb weir ‘ear & passing us bye. Surprisingly, Lovely sunny days welcomed won & all. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  commanded we leave port for a week. Which we did. Skippet extraudinair ‘opened up shop’ above Foxton Locks & sold a fair few o’ RoxyChicKnit’s wonders.

Knot long aft, we did the same agin.

MAD !!   We  know !!  Crazy !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Off in Nell we traversed t’ dat plaice F’Aaaarrrggh !!  F’Aaaarrrggh !!!  a’wey o’er distance ‘ills to sea peoples whose special daize kneaded t’ bee Most Splendidly Celebrated. & dat We  !!  Did  !!!  (You Bloggets no thee drill bye niao, shorely)   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Won Big Final Journey o’ fore wheel travels (& boatly floatings)  to go…………..

An udder Isle d’wight caravan  d’picaroons.

Moor games, walks, playings, beachings, stone throwings, swimming’s and udder kiddiewinkie tings……

WOT !!   FUN !!!    Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Nell be staying t’oliday wid dose Wightly picaroons n Pirates while Bart World 2019 is bee chuggenly around our green and pleasant land’s Wonderfully wet inland waterways……..

Sea ya in a few months our Nell. Ciao fore niao.



BART WORLD 2019 …..  H’ear  !    We  !!     Come  !!!

Aye  !   Aye  !!   Cap’n  !!!    Aaaarrrggh  !!!   !!!

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