#63 Autumnal Crewsings & Shiver me Timbers t’ Bucko Skallywags. October 2018

Monday 1st October 2018      Thyme to waiken up Ye’olde ‘istorically 1936 Lister 18/2 & commence Autumnal Crewsings. Bean moor than sufficient fore wheelings four niao.

Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!    Commands   Weigh Anchor !!!  

Crue o’ men’nie legs, feet, paws & pinkies respond

Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n  !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Will knead to regain hour sea legs. Smartly likes !

True Me Hearties !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

nb:Bartholomew Roberts glides gently t’ aft, escaping her tight bay d’ anchorage. Fighting a pesky wind, doing itz bestest to make helmspersonage look e’en moor incompetent than usual !!  Lucky Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  be ‘aving n aft’noon n’apples !   Zzzzz !!   Safely through tightly squeezes o’ watery rocks, corral reef n highly curvaceous crevasses


our non-weald floating vehicular crewsings int’ open water. Squirrel bumbles a-whey quietly, keap’in crue warm & comfy. Tiz only briefly swimmings taiken we two a well chosen lay’bye.

Tuesday 2nd October     Their be seventy feet simply propulsioned bye at least eighteen vintagely old horses oar e’en moor if & when lucky, mayhaps wisps across hour nosely bow. Meanderings d’ trio o’ square leagues n we be relaxing restfulness int’ shadow o’ Yelvertoft Fieldside Covert.

Wednesday 3rd October      We depart dose shadowy trees, winding along our moor than mildly moist (luckily) path many horizontals o’ fathom a’plenty, under t’ stretched oat darkness o’ Crick’s won tousand & twenty eight yards o’ extreme tenebrosity. Soonly, returned t’ fairly brightness o’ day & a moor than acceptable bay d’ staticness. Knot f’Aaaarrrggh !!  from da special taperingly silvered beams o’ trainly travellings, sailing o’er & (at t’ same thyme) a’buv t’ relatively narrow watercourse in which our vessel chuggens through.

Thursday 4th October      Thus we be rested, up, sploshed & almost swiftly, lines Aaaarrrggh !!!  released & Lister ‘Powers‘ all dat steel & muchly moor besides onwards & Watfordly’down Bart then flows. Norton Junctions twists craft & cru quite tightly bee’fore squeezes we int’ murkiness o’ Braunston’s too tousand n fore’tea to yards o’ burrowing aqua-subway. Only a shortly thyme later, hour final descent four a while be assisted bye t’ generously girthed butt very slippery hexad o’ aquelevators. Almost won aft’ t’uther. Through n on from t’ famously Braunston waters we swim, finally taiken a liking t’ quiet anchorage in a Beautifully quiet countryside setting.

Friday 5th October      Fore this shall knot be a rest day. Barty jobs be t’ name ov this game o’ statics. Wooden protections ala’ varnish applications & tlc works t’ red’ly borders o’ wooden side hatch internals. Their also bee vigorously mechanical preparations t’ annoyingly rusty uxter plate below sterny floor boards !!


SUDDENLY !!!    A FAB !!  Surprise when our Lovely Friends Jess & Dirk appear through t’ sunnily hazes. They just ‘appen t’ bee passing buy in their hired craft & their weir a familiar boat right (almost) (we was knot mid channel) in front o’ them. nb:Black Bart that weir indeed. Thyme fore a break. Tea/Coffee & biscuits. All lashed wiv fruity brown sauce. Delish !!  FANTASTIC !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!   (sum, won is be ‘iding behind t’ camera, we tinks)  Knot t’ Worry.  Aaaarrrggh !!!   !!!    Ciao four niao  Maties.  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Saturday 6th October      Sunny. Cloudy. Stormy. Windy. sleety. Hot. Mad  !!   Weather !!!  Actually, tis awl a l’eye. Tiz, simply putt, Very Soggy. Luckily, joust a shortly chuggalls. In  preparations four a rendezvous d’ futurings.


Looking promising !!!

Sunday 7th October      So, today, we patiently a’weight t’ arrival o’ ta Newly Good Ship nb:Joy Louise. Hour travelling companions ‘av bought a Most pleasant autumnal warmness o’sunshines. A Glorious crews along a moist watery green lined boatway o’ moistly unbending, generously stretched oat flowing ripples. A chamberly trio o’ descention commands ow’er largely convoy o’ too percolatingly cascade via Hillmorton. Clifton Promenade provides moor than quite adequate accommodation fore Bart & Matie.

Monday 8th October      Matie & Bart take a leisurely late stroll o’ lesson a hexadon d’ leagues, gliding to a gentile stop near a fine plaice ov repute. Quartermaster’s increasingly maddening ramblings bee halted in won fowl swoop. Loaded up pack’orses return ready t’ fill them their larders. A quietly calm piece finally descends on ow almoist fleet o’ too powered floating vessels d’ vehicular. Yes !  Quite Mad !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Tuesday 9th October      T’ breeze hath picked up this early commencement of a morn !  ‘oapfully will knot hinder pleasantly smooth relaxed swimmings. Bart takes t’ lead, guiding t’ boaty’cade  through t’ shortness o’ darkness d’Newbold bee’four a tranquil combination o’ linearly wet elongations & al’moistly sympathetical doused curly loops chaperone we awl passed wharfs & marinas a’plenty. Canal arms & legs ripple a’wey practically weiry, trying t’ hide as we approach & nigh silently creep bye sloe’lea. Has t’ bee noted int’ log. Tiz sum ‘ers of crewsing gone buy. Hawkesbury Stop Lock gradually lurks oat o’ murky gloomingly darkness. We ‘av maid it. Yeh !!  Cap’n Black Bart Cries “Weigh Anchor”  Aye !  Aye !!  Skip !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!   Roger t’ Cabin Buoy replies moist quickly n confidently it hath t’ bee sed “aboat too ‘undred pounds Cap’n” “Aaaarrrggh !!!”  Ease a clever won dat’un aint ee ?

Wednesday 10th October      We av enjoyed ow stay in Hawkesbury Bay. Darn’d delightfulls wee awl agree Aaaarrrggh !!!   Lister & friends chuggens two propulse & soonest a very sharply tack t’ starboard wear Marston Junction bridge’s tight aperture squeezes we craftly vessels n’two e’en moor rustically rural pastures.


Maties is knot F’Aaaarrrggh !!! behind. t’ aft that it shirtenly can likely bee. Thee Ashby-del-la-Zouch Canal in which we niao travel is awl new to nb:Black Bart & crue. Supposedly too shallow for deep draughted narrow craftly home ov ow’ers. Regret this we might. stickiness stuck mayhaps bee’fawl our Barticus. Thyme will likely tell………….

Floatingly propulsioned homes two chuggen along slowly enjoying t’ glorious crewsings salt o’ day. a tittle breezy, butt tiz unmoistly pleasant. Lister & chumlies maintain a cautiously steady restrained forrard motion. Word be dis Wonderful water’whey hath bean dredged in recent thymes. Knot shore how much oar how F’Aaaarrrggh !!! alongs itz thirty one mile length butt with a full aquatank at ta fore & comfortably low sternly fuel tank Bart’s bottom is be as highly up as we can sensibly hopefuls. Toes crossed. Sum fingers two. Bart’s new chum Joy Louise duth knot have such concern. She be slightly shallower draft, soo less sticky down their four her. Quite a twisty flow in plaices guides we on, to & thru Hinckley, glidingly e’en moor leisurely than usual likes. Prop turbulence confirms we is close to mud sliding, butt forrardly we continue. Basin Bridge winding hole supplies t’ required opportunity o’ aboat turnings. Just short o’ Stoke Golding. Next thyme, shall ‘av t’ swim further. If we feel lucky !  Punk !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!   As Harry would possibly say. Retracing ow’er strokes t’ extensive convoy glides through bluey green liquified ripples. Goodacres Bridge’s shadow duth give we a most marvellous anchorage in which to rest & enjoy extremely tasteful barbecued salmagundi spread o’ wonders.


As a Fabulous warmness subsides to cool autumnal evening the ‘Bar’bee changes tack to a fire ‘bowl’. Manages t’ keep t’ were’st o’ chill away fa a shortly while longest. Helped along wid a wee dram oar too !  oar Moor !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Thursday 11th October      That previous (in a) daze (especially laters) crews  weir muchly longers than moist expected oar intended such as ya like. Quite ridiculous !!  We knead moor sensible planning fore this newly & looking pleasant salt o’ day………   nb:Black Bart & nb:Joy Louise Make Hay !!!  Slowly. As be al’wheys t’ pace (t’ varying degrees) dat our Bart duth swim these Wonderful inland waterways through which craft n crew travellings in thyme. We weave aboat gliding on a South Westerly tack, following our waivey path, trying t’ dodge t’ e’en moor shallow flows. Only slightly stickety stuck on rare occasion. Tiz eventually thyme t’ say our goodbyes t’ Ashby waters. At Marston Junction Bart & chum tack t’ port entering ripples d’ Coventry’s swirling stream. We ain’t chirping along f’ too long today. Mayhap t’ flagging tiredness influence such a decision. Shirley Knot !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Friday 12th October      Mildy moistly soggy this morn.


Aft aqua refreshmentals we is Chuggen two & through moor than tightly


Hawkesbury Junction. Soonly followed buy t’ namesake’s hugely deep n cavern’ass stop lock. A brief foray through Coventry ripples “Ciao old friend” & niao Just a quartet oar e’en moor o’ leagues we traversings in a curvaceousnessly route which might be guiding we in t’ general direction o’ Antarctican lands. Although we is knot likely too arrive in such distant shores. Fore niao anyhows. Passed Ansty, almoist int’ shadow o’ Hopsford Hall we duth extract (aft signing four’em, ov corse) t’ Large mooring stakes oat o’ storage & t’ Thor Hammer two. Knead dat to bang ’em in !  Silly Twerps !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!   Knot pleasant calling our Bloggets Silly Twerps. Knot nice at All !!  Sorry !!  Dats OK. BUT, Do’knot do it agin !!   Alright.  That’s me told off. Admonishmented !!!   Will attempt t’ behave oneself from niao on. Knot al’wheys possible though. Is it !!   Onwards…..  No sorry. We have statified. Just swishing aboat gently for t’night o’ drowsy’nessing.

Saturday 13th October      So, we waiken up t’ a continuance o’ moisture. those winds ‘av picked oop two. Trudging through Coombe Fields only slows our momentum a shortest o’ wiles bee’fore Stretton Stop tries also. Knot f’long though.


Swung bridge left swinging t’aft & Brinklow Arm’s Arches


highly above to shadowy All Oaks Wood our convoy swims. Safely through, forrard we propulse our wey through calm, lusciously lined waters. Newbold’s almoist teeny-weeny tube o’ gloomy’ness spits we South like. Aft failing t’ anchor in busy Newbold ‘arbour, resumption d’ crewsings we Aaaarrrggh !!!   Viable bolt’oles knot a’plenty, crafts & crues manage t’ slip gentile likely, anchoring in Brownsover Bay.

Sunday 14th October      This relentless voyage recon’veins aft a stretched oat morn, on yet an’udder soggy windy’ness. A trio o’ twinned narrow chambers climbing moor than just mildly moist Hills d’ Morton. Aft a steady ascension we con’flab & weigh anchor. How much ?  Tiz aboat 2 tonne Skip.  Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!    Thyme to   drip…  drip……   drip……..   dry…………….

Monday 15th October      Moor boggy wever. Still slightly drippy, butt will knot be stopping convoy’s progressings though. Tiz a stretched-oat course wid very tittle bendy’nesses. Only a gentile curvature oar too-ish near Barby Wood Farm and back on t’ straight & knot quite so narrow, tracked (knot any’moor unfortunately) bye t’ Great Central Railway. Willoughby is knot F’Aaaarrrggh !!!  from wear we find safe refuge four t’night.

Tuesday 16th October      Their will be staticness to enjoy fore our Bart. Our lot is on tittle chuggen jaunt wid Joy Louise n ‘er crue. And thankfully the droplets is staying a’wey. ‘ers later, oar is it be daze ??  We is so delirious. Just dunnee no wot n’earth might hath bean going on like !!  Crazie !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Wednesday 17th October      Warm & Delicious our climate be. Thankfully !  Craft n crue go on an almoist wild fowl chase for sensibly priced diesel. A stupidly enormous amount o’ thyme just disappears t’ weir we will ne’er no.


Thursday 18th October      Perfeck conditions to continue Barty jobs.

Friday 19th October


Cratch/bow glass frame is a mite poorly. Rubbings, sandings, cleanings followed buy priming. Udder menial jobs ‘av t’ ‘appen also. Dat is won o’ t’ names of t’ game. Can’knot be denied.


Saturday 20th October      Shall go crewsing. Lines slipped early. For Bart World. L’aqua’fueled & quartermastered in Braunston, floatings ripple craft & crue to a suitably workings location. 2nd prime coat to cratch/bow glass frame. Brassings. Cleanings. Polishings. Much kneaded TLC for second hand shears acquired blooming ages ago. Darn’d handy tings to ‘av in the shed when mooring in sum wild locations. Late in t’ day (Yes. Still t’ same day) an old boaty friend appears oat t’ murkiness. The Very Good Ship “Impulse”. Wot a Wonderful Surprisinglies !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Sunday 21st October      So, apart from first coat o’ Bounty Red applied moist artistically to you (should) no weir. We is throwing load’s o’ dat Lovely Fruity Brown Sauce round with strong coffee & all manner o’ udder tings !!

Monday 22nd October      Muchly sad goodbyes & we boaters go hour separate wheys. Some leagues aft slipping her lines nb:Black Bart aboat turns near Garner Bridge & returns North, finding a Favoured anchorage close t’ Flecknoe Mill Farm.

Tuesday 23rd October      Long swimmings & chuggens today. Back t’ Braunston. Aft postal services & luncheon onboard, Lister re’awaikens, propulsing us to & arising all six o’ Braunston’s Big, wide, deep watery steps.  Through the extended tapering darkness to Norton Junction weir the Leicester section/arm of the Grand Union takes control. We is soonly locating sum’weir to rest. Well earnt bye all who sale in her.

Wednesday 24th October      Aft a log jam at Watford we eventually take the opportunity to raisings through all seven narrow chambers. Crick’s knot too long gloomy darkness seas Bart safely through & aft many travelling ‘ers Winwick Grange be hour eventual haven.

Thursday 25th October      Just a shortly swim compared t’ recent crewsings. This ‘Top Pound’ between Watford & Foxton’s watery climbs


is shirtenly a Lovely path in which gently swim aroand in. Numerous finely locations to re-cheque t’ weight of that big olde anchor agin. Oar to just dawdle along……

Friday 26th October      Staticness to be enjoyed while tiz a fine autumnal thyme in such a Bart World as we be in.

Saturday 27th October      Knot so Tittle Munchkins is arrived wiv supposedly responsible ‘pirates’ for Soggy o’ soggy’ness to swimmings. We tack (indirectly at thymes) (tiz knot a straightly route round ‘ear maties) North via Downtown Hill & Welford Junction to quite pleasant gloom o’ Husbands Bosworth underground network. Our current waterway leads us bye Laughton Hills & eventually to the Very Top of The BIGGIE !!!

Aaaarrrggh !!! …………………….

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