#59 BCN & moor. June/July 2018

Saturday 23rd June 2018      Sadly goodbyes with Ma & Pa (back off to deepest darkest Kent) is soonly followed bye a Bartly departure from our Wonderful berthing pool in t’ very dark shadow ov Dudley Tunnel. And t’ Black Country Living Museum !!!   nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 is ‘driven’ slowly forward by helmsperson aft olde’ prop & chums finally get wiv it.


Told you lot ov bloggets bee’fore, dis canal water be Beautifully clear.

We retrace our strokes ov tuther day, initially,  anyhows, until aft a fare


bit less than aboat a league ov swimmings we is swinging t’ port at Brades Hall Junction & straight int’ staircase ov two wet slimy chambered waterfalls quickly followed down bye a singleton. T’ water be murky & shallow agin. Unpleasant tings down their in t’ sludge. We take it Real Slow & Caerphilly likely.


Soonish, wee’s tacking t’ starboard thru Albion Junction, heading East agin, butt niao on t’ ‘New’ Main Line int’ Brummagem, swooshing along a wider deeper path. Bart glides along at pace (tis all relevant, as won should no bye niao) almost charging,


as any trusty stead can only do, thru many a’bridge hole. Some very strangely !!


Junction aft’ intersection be swiftly dealt wid buy t’ Famous Pirate Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  & ‘is fearsome cru ov many toes & paws !!!

Strange mid channel obstructions Aaaarrrggh !!!   sent to try & severely test our endeavours, butt to no a’vale. We make it through, finally resting & a’floating a tittle, just within limitations ov them secured lines. Fore & aft to you bloggets.

Avast !!!     Aye ! Aye !!  Cap’n !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Sunday 24th June      Sunday is ‘ere, and we ‘ear thru t’ dribberly grape vine ov t’ waterways, their be visitors a’coming. Combing to sea us ‘ear, moored in tittle olde’ Brummagem. Well indeed they came. Buccaneeringly marauding Cap’n Chisel wid his crue ov Sea’wolfs, all d’wey from Gloucester pools. And wot a Lovely bunch of pirates they weir two. Actually their weir moor than two ov ’em, of dat their is knot a doubt. No madam. No sir’ee. A Finely Wonderful thyme is ‘ad bye won & all !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

Monday 25th June      Monday is a muchly needed day of rest. All dat grog’ging & salmagunchi munchlings cannee no doubt be delightful, but also extremely tiring for us pirates. So apart from a few necessary boaty jobs, as does need to appen, that is aboat it, fore niao. So Ciao !!

Tuesday 26th June      There be a positive move this morn. A voyage indeed Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  , our Lister & chums powered narrowly vessel & all who sale in ‘er is be leaving t’ BCN  (Birmingham Canal Navigations) fore niao, but We Shall Return to swim moor of these famous waters agin, sum’weir o’er t’orizon………

Today, we slide past t’ roand aboat central to Old Turn Junction, gliding t’ Worcester Bar, weir waters meet buy Gas Street Basin ……..  Birmingham Canal Navigations fluid mingles & ripples emulsifying together with Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

James Brindley’s Birmingham Canal, were constructed between 1768 & 1772, rippling from Birmingham to & thru Wolverhampton, linking to the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal at Aldersley, North West of Wolverhampton. The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, connecting Birmingham and Tamworth, followed in 1784 and as the local network were expanding the combined waterways became known as Birmingham Canal Navigations, from 1794 on. The BCN were ‘born’.

The Worcester & Birmingham Canal opened between Birmingham and Selly Oak in 1795, finally reaching Worcester in 1815. For twenty years direct connection to the BCN was prevented by the Worcester Bar, a physical barrier at Gas Street Basin, Birmingham designed so the BCN would not lose water to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. Cargoes had to be laboriously manhandled between boats on either side of the ‘bar’. In 1815 a stop lock were finally constructed and the ‘bar’ subsequently breached. The Worcester and Birmingham raised their water level by six inches to minimise water loss. The stop lock gates Aaaarrrggh !!!   no moor. Although the narrow ‘open-lock’ remains as an ‘istorical reminder to us all. Yes indeed. Many miles South’South-West & fifty six narrow locks below the ‘bar’ lies Diglis Basins & two wide locks providing the Worcester link to the Mighty River Severn. All tuther fifty six lock chambers above Diglis were meant to be fourteen foot wide too, but financial limitations forced all these aqualifts to become narrow seven foot chambers.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –


Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  & ‘is crue leave t’ Warwick Bar t’ aft as we reach the Mailbox, swinging hard right, niao on a southerly heading, passing slowly along our chosen shallow darkly liquid route. Edgbaston Tunnel takes us two’words Selly Oak & Bournville,


via a very encouraging site, ov dredging operations


excavating vast quantities of black slimy canal mud & wot’ever else we just do knot no from t’ bed of t’ canal. As we start to notice t’ pleasant whiff of shɔkɔla drifting through t’ air, we is passed by a shellfish moron ov a boater whizzing buy in t’ oppo’sit direction, at a rea’dickulass speed, ‘aving just passed t’ moored craft off Bart’s nose. Bart’s passage now blocked bye one of the dredger company’s barges, dislodged from it’s moored position by twonko features.


Bart creeps ‘up’ t’ escapee bargee & skippet exercises those fine (well titled) barge pole skills, clearing our future path. Four’word propulsion soonly reinstated & calm, steady progress be continuance. Bournville be soonest followed bye Kings Norton Junction where won can swish int’ Stratford Canal’s flowings, if you so desire. We ‘av chosen dat path on occasion. Knot today. nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 continues int’ waters untravelled bye our lot. Unchartered territories fore us niao. Tis knot long aft t’ intersection & trees is enveloping the canal, which can only mean won ting.


Wast Hill Tunnel.


Aaaarrrggh !!!  their it be. Wast Hill Tunnel at a knot inconsiderable 2726 yards long were constructed between 1796 & 1797. It has to be noted in the Cap’ns Log – This tunnel is quite pleasant. That’s saying summit, as Skip dunnee really like swimming these longly darkness ov holes. Aft an enjoyable darkly floatation of unrushed forward motion ov o’er ‘arf an ‘er, including very Caerphilly


passing two oncoming narrowboats at different stages ov hour Worcester bound progressings (on their whey int’ Brummagem, we can only guess) our Bart finally re’enters the light of this (yet an’udder, amazingly) Gorgeously Sunly Summer day.


A most marvellously & moor generously proportioned stone bridge shades a plethora of objects including a moped, obviously removed from the murky depths bye sum fine folk. Aft sum scumbags ‘ad put ’em down their in t’ 1st plaice. Had’knot really taught ov weir we might end up at’ Finale of dis daily swimmings, butt dat can shirtenly be t’ Best wey. Hopwood Pools suddenly provides our vessel wid t’ Most Perfect anchorage bay. We, mayhaps a tittle foolishly, go fore quite a long walk along towpath & then into Alvechurch to find a post box, to dispatch a few summits. Bit ‘ot & bovered upon our eventual return to Bart. Cool drinks all roand.

Wednesday 27th June      We ‘ad bean tinking won & ‘is crue might stay ‘ear, butt ‘av changed hour minds. Just a tittle jauntiness we tinks. mayhaps just a shortly crews. Lister & chums warmed up & waiting. Lines slipped & slow chuggens commence. A very relaxed glide passed t’ Bittell Reservoirs & roand wiggerlies to a fine bay in which to drop anchor. Caerphilly, of corse.

We have a new friend. Moorhens Aaaarrrggh !!!   quite brave tittle critters, in hour experience, knot being frightened off bye larger birds, defending their position & young ones. Had them feed from our hand (we ‘av moor than one) bee’fore. First thyme we’ve ‘ad such a confident visitor though. He/She came & checked Bart oat from every open side hatch, and any udder angle possible. The soggied ginger knut goes down a treat !!!

A tittle later, we is quietly bobbing aroand in t’ staticnesses. A fastly boat can be herd approaching Bart & udder moored craft to our bow & stern. The unstatic craft is knot slowing down. No he/they is knot. Three chaps at the helm end of tings. Skippet & Skip shout at them to slow down, to be herd over the din of their noisy engine. They is travelling as fast as Bart does in wider deeper fluid. They is in shallow, narrow water, whizzing bye moored craft, while approaching a bridge on a bend.

!!  NO  !!  


–   –   –   –   –   –   –

When cruising past moored craft


–   –   –   –   –


–   –   –   –   –

!!! SLOW DOWN !!!   We shout repeatedly   !!! SLOW DOWN !!!

nb:Amity fails to slow down

You Aaaarrrggh !!!   named & Shamed – ‘crew’ of nb:Amity

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

As they steam towards & passed moored craft t’ water level drops, getting sucked away by the IDIOTS !! Bart bumps the canal bed below & then gets slammed against the bank. Quite unpleasant. MORONS !!!   The three ‘older’ men at the stern look towards us, but really, they look through us as if we is knot ‘ere. Skip keeps shouting at them, even louder. No they just ignore us as they go by. The Shellfish B’stards just keep going. They don’t care one jot !!    Aft strong wordings followed bye a few deep breaths we can try to regain the relaxations. Fuming !!!

A wander will do us good, hopefully. Now we go fore a footly trog t’ Alvechurch Marina, just t’ check a couple ov boaty tings oat. Guess ‘who’ we sea at the service quay. nb:Amity. Skip recognises the ‘helmsperson’, who happens to walk into the chandlery while we is in their. Said person is asked if he was on nb:Amity. “Yes”. No surprise there. We knew who he was. Skip lets him know what we tink of him. And how shellfish he is towards all other boaters. As he appears embarrassed in front of other people there, we actually get half hearted apology. Better than nothing. Hope he is moor thoughtful towards udders from niao on. Unlikely, butt ya’ never know. Would ‘hold your breath’ though. We Aaaarrrggh !!!    looking forward to the possibility of mayhaps sea’ing dat boat & her ‘crew’ again during our travels. Should Black Bart Speed up specially fore them, oar just proceed on bye with hour usual very kindly slowly chuggens, Lister barely revolution’ing.

Thursday 28th June      Their shall definitely be sum movement. Barticus propulsions Aaaarrrggh !!!  on there whey. Butt only aft a very narrowboatly sluggish commencement of activities. Well tis a Thursday  !!  You bloggetts !




We is swimming

passed this Fine specimen

of taxonomical genus Pan



& udder weir’d critters yet unkown, int’ woods. Don’t feed t’ Monsters.

Beautiful Worcestershire countryside keeps us company as we mud slide along.


Soonly we is becoming shrouded by a glorious sun dappled tree canopy


on final approach to correctly named 613 yard ‘long’ Shortwood Tunnel. An’udder of those deceivingly tapered dark tubes of an ‘ole. Much smaller at udder end. Hope we can manage (at a squeeze) to ‘Pop’ write out without getting stickety stuck like. Sum while of gloomy travellings, ‘Pop’ indeed we do, as Old Shortwood squeezes us oat tuther, smaller end.




A Very Tasty

Munchly treat

we do enjoy.

Almost like magic !!!



Must have been t’ effect of that ‘Bursting’ oat ov t’ darknesses, through that tiny tittle hole!!   We enjoy our recovery, mud skipping through yet moor wonderously green lands of lusciousness. Knot long though & we is almost thrust


int’ dingy gloominess ov yet an’udder, dat being t’ definitely large Tarde’Bigge tunnel. A fullish 580 yards Later of many ‘ers ov travellings listening to strange noises & cries from the long stretched oat danknesses ov drippynesses, we finally sea light. Yes. Light at the end of the tunnel. So they say. Safely through, we is resting up.

Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!    Shouts   !!! Avast !!!    Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Aye  !!  Aye !!  Cap’n !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

The crue of several toes & many paws cries in reply.

We ain’t going know further today. Tis very Hot & Lovely. Far two roasting to e’en tink aboat t’ stupidity ov confronting Heart-Break Hill. We shall wait…..


There be a strange glow in them there ‘ills oat thear, their be……


Friday 29th June      Tarde’BIGGE flight ov thirty locks falls F’Aaaarrrggh !!! away below & in front of nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722……….   Thirty narrow lock chambers will be ‘dropping’ Bart & crue aboat two hundred & seventeen feet vertical like, as we salt’ov float less than a league foreword, on a South-West(ish) heading. Top lock (No. 58) is an impressive fourteen foot downwardly motions. T’ pound below top lock is long. All udder pounds ahead Aaaarrrggh !!! muchly shorter.


We is up & crewsing at fairly silly o’clock. Looks likely we is up fore a Fabulous Day again. Fantastic !!   Weir ‘supposedly’ going t’ be a cloudy morn. Knot quite so we find oat. As you bloggetts can all sea. Thought we might beat the heat, with the biggest lock fight stretching oat ahead of us. Deep breath. Off we Go…….

Safely descended, we depart lock 58. As we progress in a longitudinal manor t’ sight of a narrowboat ahead of us, moving in the same direction, towards chamber 57 perturbs Skip & Skippet. 1st Mate ?  Bovered ?  No. Team player ?  Knot shore !!  Sneaky boat must of bean hiding down ‘ear in the pound. Niao we will be having to fill every lock aft our ‘new’ convoy leader hath lowered & moved onwards, so we can  then use the aqualift to lower Bart. Moor lock paddlings & gate swingings than expected. Oh !!  Well !!  Knot to worry. Boat ahead appears very slow to statify at the lock mooring. Cannee sea their crue preparing the lock. Skippet brings Bart in near t’ bank. Skip steps off & wanders down to find oat wot be ‘appening. We have a singleton. Chap on wonz own. This could be an e’en moor leisurely slippery glidings than ‘planned’ four. Wood knot want to contend with dis lot single handed. Hour Luck IS IN !!!   Leader of hour tittle ‘fleet’ offers Bart a roll reversible. FANTASTIC !!  Famous Pirate Cap’n Black Bart  Aaaarrrggh !!!    Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!    is most impressed. He likes t’ be proving his Fantastical nautical skills. Bit ov a naval tactician. So He Says. Likely story !!    Crue keep relatively quiet.  Chamber full, upper gate open, hour vessel crewses in. Upper gate closed. Upper paddles down. Niao we can open t’ bottom (no rude words please) (Thank You !!) paddles to let’ liquid escape t’ chamber & Bart gracefully descends into the stone walled, green slimmed dingy’ness. Bottom gates opened, Bottom paddles lowered as Bart slides oat. Bottom gates closed. Niao Upper paddles Aaaarrrggh !!!  opened to re-fill the chamber ready four t’ following craft.


This process repeats a further twenty eight times as we (knot as slowly as taught) subside down the hill. Skip & 1st mate go on ahead to prepare each lock ahead, as we progress, then go back to previous lock to help our companion where needed & possible.



Drinks ‘Break’

OK !!!

fifty second is up maties

No slouching

Get on with it…….

Skippet keeps climbing & descending t’ lock ladders getting off Bart t’ open lower gates & drop paddles to let Bart free, again & agin, as Skip is salting udder paddles & gates below & above hour position to assist passage.


Lock Keeper is occasional in the writely correct plaice to actually help with bottomly bum locks. The heat of the day slowly ascends from very warm to Hot & then Hotter. Wot Fun !!!    We is All Loving it !!!


Skip & 1st Mate’s running between locks slows down, eventually becoming just a steady walk, with occasional casual (knot casualty) jogging to & fro.


Thank Goodness fore dat. We is finally ‘ere. ‘ear dat !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

YES !!   WE ‘av made it !!    Aaaarrrggh !!!

Thirty locks dealt with most efficiently, in four ‘ers. All but two ‘against us, when we met a single craft coming up, tuther whey. Most locks, helping our friendly “you can go first” chappie, Andy, into the bargain. Knot Bad Eh !!   Pretty Dam Good Actually. We tinks. We is anchored in the shadow of bridge hole 48. Their. that’s perfectly clear to all of youz two ain’t it !!

Time to try & cool down. Thyme to Chill !!   Still (almost) ‘early’ morning. Aft successful recoveries followed by skilful expertise in the croch’eting world & blogging amongst a few udder tings a walk, tis thyme to walk o’er eight hundred & eighty fathoms, through t’ country to find tings four t’ (old grumpy features) quartermaster. Oh !!  wot a shame !!!  ‘is larder is almost bear. Believe dat if you will. He’s ‘aving a laughter. Dat’s wot ea is ‘aving Maties. Still blooming HOT oat ‘ear two. Probably ‘otter than during this morns descentions.  With old grumpy features just a tittle slightly whingy niao, crue go a’walking. Want to find a quieter berthing pool, as this one, write bye the very busy Queens (chopped & quite bloody) Head is F’Aaaarrrggh !!!  two Blooming noisy. No’weir t’ chuggens tonight. Knot worth it. No good positions. We trudge on further to check oat options ‘down stream’. Aft an’udder mile oar so. No luck. Towpath is blocked due to major site works ahead.


The old Salt works have been ‘raised to the ground’ (ne’er understood that term) & summit new will slowly evolve oat of t’ earth wid d’ magic of wo’man & machinery.  Powered & hand tools of the likes most of us ‘av n’er sea’n will likely be swung into action. Meed to aboat turn a 180 & return back home to Our Bart. Black Bart. nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722. John Roberts were ‘is name. Barti Ddu to be moor exacting. He weir welsh.

Saturday 30th June      So. Skip & Skippet duth sumwot ache this morning. Cannee imagine why. Be all’write when we is up and moving. Ye !!   Really !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!   We believe ya.  Moor relaxed approach to chuggens we shall ‘av today. We finally wake Lister & chums up, over twenty four ‘ers aft they weir ‘stood down’ yesterday. Tis OK fore sum, innit !!   Lazy Buggers !!!     Bee’fore the noisy neighbour’s going agin, we is off. Moor aqualifts of descention on hour voyage down t’ Worcester & Birmingham Canal.


Stoke Locks. Just a half dozen. Nutting. Nutting at all maties.


We do like these upper gates & paddles. T’ Bums ain’t bad eaver maties !!


Lovely West Bromwich round edging bricks at the top of t’ lock chambers


Niao sum Beautiful Earl of Dudley’s Dudley Port, Tipton edging bricks


Glorious. Skippet & nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 swimming t’ W&B

The W&B Canal’s locks Aaaarrrggh !!!   Write Up Their !!!

And None of the upper gates leak like sum we encounter. Leaky upper gates is a pain in the backside/aft/stern, quite literately. When liquid & fluid be pouring thru, Bart cannee move foreword a’whey from the extreme wetnesses. Too long. Three hundred & fifty toes (seventy foot to sum of ya unknowingly heathens) is shirtenly quite extensive a craft fore our Wonderful Waterways World in which we & many udders floating aroand in. A genuine squeeze in many a lock chamber we can tell youz twoz. So, as we was a’trying to be a’saying – No oar a very tittle leakages stops Bart’s stern apron from being flooded o’er. Knot a pleasant experience fore any helmsperson as dat be write wear they is standing likely. Only ting you can do is react prior to an impending flood from a bigge leaky. Be a’wear & step inside the stern doors, closing them behind/aft you. Then hope dat be sufficient to keep the extremely soggy’nesses oat ov your craft. Tardebigge’s Monster flight yesterday & Stoke’s today Aaaarrrggh !!!   Very Good. No Such moor than mildly moist predicamentally quandary to deal with ‘ear. No Sir’ee oar Madam.


Expertly skilfull controllings during won ov many lock entries

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

Hope you likely t’ very erect sternly aft fenders. 
We tink they is FAB !!  
Needed to be re’salted prior to first arrival in Brummagem as they had
become Very Droopy, Danglingy & Sad
They had e’en become quite green & slimy in plaices  
All three weir removed, scrubbed to within a few thou of their lives
washed off & resecured in a muchly better fashion. Salted !!!
–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –


The old Stoke Wharf watery entrance, through the towpath bridge. The site is flattened, awaiting the new building works to commence. Wander wot will be arising ‘ere in the coming months & so. Trust the wharf bridge, at least will be saved & left as a reminder to won & all. Like many of the lost wharfs in Brummagem. As the rest of the wharfs/buildings ‘av gone fore’ver. Such a shame. Progress four ya !!



A fine watering ‘ole !!


Knot four us

the crue of

quite a few toes


a quad of paws

NO !!

Just l’aqua stop

(oppo’sits like)  fore

Bart’s water tank you sillies billies !!

Soonestly aft, we ‘av located a Fine position ov a berthing anchorage pool. Might stay fore at least won nightly thyme……

Sunday 1st July      Sunday is the first day of the Month of July. Fantastic !!  We ‘av been enjoying Bart World 2018 crewsings for three months already. Incredibles !!  How thyme flies when we is enjoying ourselves.

Monday 2nd June      Mi. We Aaaarrrggh !!!   going four a crews. An un’powered swim at that. Skip & Skippet ‘av decided a moor favourable likely pool d’anchorage presides just a few ‘undred footsies, off t’ nose, as ‘they’ say !   Lines slipped & crew is hauling our heavy ‘Beast’ of a narrowboatly vessel four’word to pastures new.


Wot a Most Wonderfully Lovely it hath bean. And Knot fore the first thyme eaver !!

Tuesday 3rd July      There we Aaaarrrggh !!!   Barty jobs to do & sum well earn’t restfulnesses in the summer sunshines.


Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  & ‘is crue is most liking their Fab Flag & gorgeous glowingly in t’darkness stern lite. Tis a Wonderful lite’ness. E’en lights up in those darkly tapering tunnels our narrowness keeps finding & popping out ov !!!

–   –   –   –   –

Just need to mention in the Cap’ns Log (& tis tittle blog two) that a shirten football match were watched bye we the crue (& many many moor peoples across the land & waterways too). England’s footies blokes have won an’udder kick aroand !!  Yeh !!  They is niao successfully moving fore like, t’ quarter finals apparently. Most impressive. Specially against those Colombian ‘orrible ‘players’. Well done team. And all them udder peoples helping them in them their backgrounds. T’ Back room crue. Dat’s wot wees calling ’em. You held ‘Firm’ in the face of muchly fouling adversity.

–   –   –   –   –

Wednesday 4th July       We Aaaarrrggh !!!   Wishing t’ Most Marvellous Birthday Wishes t’ Skippet on tis Fine forth ov July Hot Sunnier Summer Day.

!!!   Happy Birthday Skippet   !!!

Their ya go’go !!

Festivities will ‘av t’ continue enroute. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  can shirtenly be a meany salt of chap !!  Firstly, we is reversing aboat ‘alf a nautical mile. Wot Fun !!!   Just so we can re’aqua. Their ain’t know drippy faucets ahead, four sum’thyme. So tis t’ Best whey.


Water tanks refuelled & we is crewsing proper like. In a fore’wordly direction. On a Southerly(ish) heading. We Aaaarrrggh !!! shirtenly departuring Stoke Prior tis tittle thyme…..


Sum dozy twonk has put the white righting the wong wey roand on the red crossing. Nutter !!!   Wot a Sillie Billie dat sum won mayhaps will be identified.


nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 takes advantage ov a tittle assistance at commencement of Astwood’s slimy aqua fallings. Just like buses. Cannee sea any four ‘ers. Suddenly their bee ‘alf a dozen clogging up the back passage !!   Bart manages to squeeze oat & continue serene progress down an’udder duo. Weir going to slide t’ full ‘alf dozen water steps, butt NO !!   Lovely berthing pool appears aft only a trio ov chambers. Will do us moor than Fine. Thankyou very much !!

Thursday 5th July      Trio ov Astwood’s remaining aqualifts lowers our craft


(& crue o’ quite a number o’ tittle pinkies, fore paws & hind paws, ov course)


a fare few moor toes below their maties of yesterday. Niao we is just ‘orizontal, gliding through Wonderful Worcestershire countryside following gentile curvaceousnesses wid’in hour watery path.


Occasional bridge holes only briefly interrupt t’ finely views swishing all roand us. Aft many leagues o’ traversings we is passing through t’ junction wid t’ Droitwich Junction Canal & rafting up t’ moored craft at Hanbury Wharf fore sum gaseous replenishments. Knot delayed long, Skippet controls hour trusty stead fore a tittle while longer until a Most Splendid opportunity of berthing arises. All on t’ level, though. Just betwixt & between Hadzor & Shernal Green.

Friday 6th July      Fore tis Hot !!  Very Hot !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!


A Fine anchorage it be. Providing a perfect combination of tree dappling shadowy’nesses & clear path d’sun wrays to warm those tired bones through.

Saturday 7th July      Such a Wonderful location to enjoy staticness.


Added advantage being t’ multicoloured foliage almost surrounding our moor than adequately proportioned, but quite narrow floating home of Bartness.

–   –   –   –   –

Just need to mention in the Cap’ns Log (& tis tittle blog two) that an’udder shirten football match were watched bye we the crue (& many many moor peoples across the land & waterways too) (we presume). England’s chaps have won an’udder game of Footsie !!  Yeh !!  We No !!!   A-Mai-Zing !!!  !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  They is niao successfully moving fore like, t’ semi finals apparently. E’en Moor Most impressive. A Fine display against those Swedish players. Well done team. And t’ Back room crue. You showed a wee bit moor ov wot you lot can do. Next Thyme !!   We is looking fore’word to sea’ing an’udder big step. Up your Game again Lads. We know you Can Do it !!   Come On !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!

–   –   –   –   –

Sunday 8th July      So. Yes tis indeed Sunday, but as usual, Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!   is knot permitting any moor lackadaisical slothfulnesses bye t’ crue. Four dat reason Lister is chuggen, chumlies Aaaarrrggh !!!  geared’up fore action


& old’ Francis ‘as come oat from ‘eye’ing in Lister’s room & is very proudly standing primed & ready for the tapering black hole of shortly darkness that lies a mere fathom oar so ahead. We is all sad to be moving on from this fine bay, but Dunhampstead Tunnel weights fore no boat. Shirtenly knot a narrowboat.


A duo of strange critters is floating in t’water as we caerphilly glide towards t’ narrowing knot so long tube. And Bart seams to hath ‘grown’ a worrying ‘lump’, so will ‘av to acquire sum ov dat almost magical ointment agin, sea if we can sooth poor old Bart’s carb’uncles. Fortunately, crues trusty stead only hath such occurrences on occasion d’rare. It’ll all be O’Kee Doe’kee. Just take a tittle thyme of lotions, potions & such Good Olde fashioned TLC. And all be write agin in Baert World. You’ll Sea.


Safely through, manage to Bart’er f’water from t’ local wolf man. A Fine Fella he weir that two !!   Aft swimming Bart roand & reversing t’ old girl in, which weir Fun !! & went surprisingly well we can tell you two bloggets, ov dat their be know doubt !!!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!


Ciao. And niao for t’ easier manoeuvrings of departure from hour temporary ‘arbour. Bart & crue recommence our slow downstream swimmings of the delightful Worcester & Birmingham Canal,


shadowed bye t’ twin tracks of speed wagons. Tibberton sluices we & floatation into the next half a dozen Offerton’s descentions d’aqua. Tis a very popular numerical configurations in these ‘ere parts. We is vouching f’dat. Yes We Aaaarrrggh !!!


As we fly the Flag, Tolladine loch is a whale coming, but worth t’ weight it be. Fortune favours the brave as we is rewarded by a secure


protected bay. Guarded by tis Most friendly of Goliathon’s. Standing tall, wid ‘alf a dozen (their ya go agin) arms & holding big steel whips to slay any unpleasant persons who mayhaps wish us harm. Sleep easy we do ZZZZzzzzzzzzz………..

Monday 9th July      Moving on down we Aaaarrrggh !!!    Aft olde’ wind’bag quartermaster hath bean hushed, (just a tittle) Lister & chumlies get


nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 lowering gentile likely through t’ remaining five of hour current ‘alf dozen chambers (NO. Saying nu’ting) swirling us all down int’ Fine City of Worcester. Like being home agin. Cannee believe t’weir three years ago we weir ‘ear. Darned incredible.

Tuesday 10th July      Tis a day of rest. T’ first four longer than any of us can remember. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  mayhap ain’t quite such a harsh bugger to ‘sail’ wid, aft’ all. But then agin……..


Day ov Rest. ‘aving a laugh !!



Skippet be rubbing & a’scrubbing

our Bart’s poorly sternly doors.

Sanding a’whey all those years ov

weir & tear, as they

duth sum’thymes say.

Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!

Wants ’em Tippedety Top agin……

Weir shore he duth.


Bee’fore two longlies, doors bee sanded beautifully, cleaned & wiv too coats o’ (soundly slightly strange) Sundial Yellow applied, Skippet hath made t’ first stages of renovations most positives !!!

Tis evening & Skip pops oat t’ offer assistance t’ cuppell ov lads who be trying t retrieve their footballs from tuther side ov canal. Oat comes t’ knot inconsiderably proportioned barge pole. No !   Then won of the fore’tea toe boat hooks is be lashed t’ olde’ barge pole. No !!  Knot ‘appening. Cannee reach. Only won ting fore it. Bart shirtenly long ‘nough. Thyme four a short, unpowered crews. Skippet on bow line, ball owners on centre & stern lines. Skip at stern with an’udder multi toed boat hook. Wid Bart diagonal like, across watery path, spherical floatations Aaaarrrggh !!!  retrieved from t’ reads, non towpath side o’ watery’nesses. A tittle later, Bart also retrieved, is safely r’secured fore an’udder darkness d’staticness. To very ‘appy buoys wid too very roand ‘toys‘ is niao be wandering a’wey back two there ‘oams. A ‘Job‘ Well Done. Fine ‘work‘ crue !!   Aye !  Aye !!  Cap’n !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!

Wednesday 11th July      We Aaaarrrggh !!!   Wishing t’ Most Marvellous Birthday Wishes t’ Skip on tis eleventh Sunnery Summer Day ov July

!!!   Happy Birthday Skip   !!!

Their ya go’go !!   agin !!!         Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Niao we got dat o’er & dun wid. Lister hath warmed up. Lines slipped & downwardly we do continuance t’ swim thee Worcester & Birmingham Canal. Four just a tittle moor. Duo narrow aquasteps to descend we’all to Diglis Basin. Soonly followed bye a cuppell of Big Wide Diglis Canal Lock chambers & nb:Bartholomew Roberts 1682-1722 (aka “Black Bart”) will agin be gliding through BIG Deep Broad flowings.

Come and find Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  & ‘is Motley crue if ya want.

Enjoy swimmings with we.

All  (Well b’haived)  Bloggetts  Aaaarrrggh !!!   Welcome ……….


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