#56 Wending our Warwickshire way. April 2018

We made it. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!! & ‘is motley crew Have Escaped. And it’s April Fools Day !  And it’s Easter Sunday !! And it’s knot raining. FABULOUS !!!

Easter Sunday 1st April 2018      Let Bart World 2018 begin. And what a commencement of cruisings we ‘ave. Having paid the required visit to the quayside for usual services prior to departure for a long olde’ voyage, nb:Black Bart makes for the harbour entrance, readying herself for a tack to starboard…..

Only just left the marina entrance, swinging our Bart to starboard and a narrowboat approaching the junction from the direction of Calcutt locks just keeps on a’coming, at a knot inconsiderable (all relative) speed. The ‘person’ (udder words Aaaarrrggh coming to mind) at the helm of this (knot slowing down) craft seams amazingly ignorant to the quite long nb:Black Bart in front of ‘him’, manoeuvring through the junction. Skip decides this moron (restrained word) ain’t completely ‘with us’, so to speak. Into reverse. Full Power !!!  Bart just aboat makes it. Twonko don’t ‘bat an eyelid’. Didn’t even look at us. Just ‘steams’ under Napton Junction bridge swings across Bart’s now reversed (luckily) bow & wafts away, leaving us in his wake. Bemusement !!!   Evasion techniques worked well. Fortunately !!   Bart World 2018 only just aboat underway & we ‘av nearly bean taken oat by the first craft we spy. Should have fired a few warning shots & then a broadside if that hadn’t woken the idiot up. Shall be moor prepared next thyme. Deep Breath !  Count to eighteen !!  Deep Breath !!!

Cap’n Black Bart & crew restart their new adventure, on a North-Easterly’ish


heading. Sorry. Knot a’head. Tis a’leg. And Yes – Tis Easter !!!  You must all know bye niao. Our Glorious vessel glides gently onwards & through Nimrod, Garners, Dunks, Shuckburgh & New Bridge holes. And wot Marvellous Holes they Aaaarrrggh !!!  Land Ahoy !!!   We creep stealthily into a perfectly sized berthing pool, between two curvaceousnesses. A private tittle ‘spot’.  We duth feel Great to be back out in the Big Wide Watery World agin !!!    Just so you is a’wear. A tittle leg of lamb hath been slowly heating thru, a’cuke’in, sitting there in olde’ Epping. Our wonderful tittle range in the boatperson’s cabin at t’stern. And were it Tasty we ‘ere you ask. Oh !!  Yes !!!  It were indeed. Truly Delish-us-ness & Tastily Scrumptious two.  Yummy !  Yummy !!  in all of our Tummy !!!

Monday 2nd April      Wot a very wetly soggerly grey day. Staticness is wot our Bart & all who sail in her (when she moves) is be enjoying on this damply moist salt of day. A lamb based Salmagundi is the evening treat fore all to devour & ingest. Gorgeous !!

Tuesday 3rd April      Thyme two crews. Cap’n Black Bart commands a fore-wood swishing through the wind rippled waives, leaving Flecknoe to aft we do.


Ah !!  Their be an’udder few tasty legs there. Severn Bridge Holes safely negotiated, in addition to one (or were it moor?) l’aqua’duck. Tis a disappointment to now experience an-uver impatiently ‘driven’ boat. Yes. An-uver one. Already. This one has been slowly creeping up behind Bart as we chuggen along the canal. This ‘person’ has to wait at Hardgreaves bridge fore a boat swimming int’ opposite direction to cruise through the bridge hole, but by the thyme we is starting to pass static boats ‘sitting’ on long term online moorings, Skip looks roand, and this udder narrowboat has obviously been on ‘full steam ahead’ And is suddenly right there. Bow now level with Bart’s stern, and in the process of commencing an ‘overtaking’ procedure. Nobody should be trying such a move. Overtaking an’udder boat while passing moored boats.

NO !!  Skip informs tuther ‘boater’ he has to wait. There is NOT enough room fore him to get by, And he’ll have to wait until we is safely passed the moored boats.

IDIOT !!!  There shore do seam to be moor thoughtless, shell-fishly inconsiderate ‘people’ on boats. KONT Good !!!

With the Dam Fool gone ahead & safely away from our Bart, the canal transports we to Braunston Junction, wear helmsperson guides craft & cru through port of the twin bridge holes available, changing tack for the secret plaice of t’weirdly bouncing oval ball. We ‘av herd strange & wonderment of stories & tails of this curiously peculiar hamlet. Butt that be fore an’udder day, or maybe moor. bea’fore the Forth bridge hole of our new course, skippet hath spied & guide(ed) our Bart into a quietly, delightful pool of wetness into which we can berth relaxingly. Ciao for niao !!

Wednesday 4th April      We mayhaps be under t’threat of getting a tittle wetly damp today, butt our cruel Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  hath studied ‘is charts & onwards we Must Go…….  Willoughby Wharf is soonly past as the watery path tracks ye’ olde’ Great Central Railway. Just a few wriggerlies aft’long unswerving route & an’udder undeviation of l’aqua swishes through a myriad of further moor bridge holes only fleetingly bovered by Hillmorton Wharf & Big trainly bridge holes. Yes !  Moor than won !!     Tis knot a lengthy piece of multi-stranded roping thyme gone bye & soonest


their is chambers almost on the bow. Double chambers at that !!  Hillmorton is thy name.


nb:Black Bart climbs caerphilly down three Big, Largely wet portly steps. Skip guides our Bart int’pleasant position for the night. Knot bad. Getting batter. Chips is salt & successfully Bart’erd fore.

Thursday 5th April      This knot be quite as good as hoped. Angled-in side of canal bank/wall be of stone construction, & Bart’s hull be a’banging against it every thyme an’udder boat passes bye. Unpleasantly knot good for the zinc & epoxy protectively coatings on the steelwork below. Thyme to move on. Just a lovely tittle jauntingly chuggens of hardly a mere eight furlongs or so. And on a most Gorgeously sunny day two. Lovely indeed. First hint of spring. Hopeful !!  We Aaaarrrggh !!!  Landings is successful like at Clifton, nigh on that funny shaped ball of a plaice.

Friday 6th April      Fond farewells, Hugs & Kisses as Skippet leaps onto a trainly journey to & thru olde’ London Town, two a most Splendid setting in Gravesham. Two knot so tittle Kiddie-winkies is be kept an eye oar to on, bye our Skippet, who shall be in a different disguise fore the weakendings. No skippeting required ‘ear maties. Much moor importantly ‘aving Fun with the ‘tittle ones’. Know wot I mean !!  Cap’n Black Bart slinks off int’town while Skip & 1st Mate look aft’ our trusty stead of a narrowboatly craft.

Saturday 7th April      So the crew ‘av sum chores to do & tittle jobs to salt oat while we is staying ‘ere chums. A tweak ‘ear. An adjustment their. A correction up there. An alteration down their.

Sunday 8th April      So the workings of tittle jobs continues. When the newly reinstated skippet returns, amongst udders, there now be a fine twin usb port & voltmeter installed for any resident helmsperson to take advantage of. Bed slats repaired/replaced as required. Larder door closing proper like. Shore there were uther tings. Just confused now. Knot difficult to achieve, that confusion thing’amea’bob.

Monday 9th April      Mayhaps we ‘av a Great idea. Lets go fore a crews. Only a short swim via bridge holes to Brownsover, North of that funny shaped pig’s bladder doodah. Good position ‘ere, but the towpath is a slimey mud bath like affair. Thyme to go hunting for fresh produce & a couple of important whatchamacallits. Wot-ever they Aaaarrrggh !!!

Tuesday 10th April      Tis cold, grey & ‘orrible oat there. We ain’t going anywear.

Wednesday 11th April      Wear cannee float through & to on this knot so fine day ?  That’s write. We cannee just glide over l’aquaducks & through tittle bridge holes oar we cannee just steam through a proper’like Big Newbold longly darkness.


A Bona’fide Darkness of ‘ole. Except fore the arch shaped light at t’end. Olde’ Lister just keeps on chuggen & chuggen, joining forces with new-age-g’box & old-prop, driving nb:Black Bart through many a stone arch shaped hole, down cuttings & (almost) flying along & over embarkments. Far two many furlongs to count. Even moor than a league. Nearly two leagues to try & be relatively accurate. That’s just ridiculous. All Oaks Wood shrouds our craft & crue in shadowy dankness. The light strengthens agin as the trees recede, and a splendiferous anchorage of Brinklow materialises write off the bow. Fab !!  And nb:Black Bart meets our new friendly neighbour nb:Tui.

Thursday 12th April      There be some staticnesses during this murky dank cold period. Stay in the comfy warmness of our Bart is the sensible ting to do.


Skippet be removing, then polishing many many Barticus internals brass porthole surrounds. The edge mounted rubber seals also receiving attention, being showered & rubbed down (Lovely) with won of the finest silicon sprays available. And quite sum ‘ers later, Buoy the brass is a’beautifully dazzlings & the rubber soo lusciously supple. Blooming Marvellous !!  Even Mr. & Mrs. Sun ‘av got their ‘hats on !!!   Our crue of assorted legs & udder limbs gradually relax into a slumber aft’ a succulently spicy chowder.

Friday 13th April      Forrard !!  The instruction commanded bye the fearsomely famous Cap’n Black Bart  Aaaarrrggh !!!   We ‘av peaked ‘is charts. A perilously long voyage ahead of us’all. Having past the now defunct Brinklow arm, we slide bye the Stretton Arm


where skippet spies an old Rose Narrowboat friend. Chanelle. We enjoyed a fine voyage innumerable thymes ago, in the year 2008. A joyous journey all the whey to Banbury from Stretton-under-Fosse. We even had to aboat turn & come all the wey back agin two !!    A stretched oat waterway reaches far beyonder us as we chuggen our wey through them usual tittle, slightly dark holes, up slopes & down slopes to the sides of the liquid path we traverse, via Ansty, to Wyken Slough where we might have a chance. Just won chance !!   Might save our vessel swimmingly all the whey to Hawkesbury.


This be apparently knot a designated winding hole. Can a deep draughted (Yes, that olde’ chestnut) & seventy foot long narrowboat achieve the desired aboat turn ?  Well we might regret it, but Cap’n Black Bart  Aaaarrrggh !!!   shore is gunna try !!!


Duty cockswain keeps Lister chuggen gently like, swishing tiller this wey & that. ‘Flicking’ olde’ new-age between fore, static & aft at will. 1st Mate ain’t convinced One Tittle Bit !!


And They’ve Done It !!!   Yeh !!!   That were tight. Didn’t get stickily stuck. Shallow within a foot or so of the banks, but no’ting but slimy mud doon there, so no unpleasant noises. Olde’ prop didn’t take any clatterings thank goodness. Shall we proceed in an aft’erly direction please. Engage !!!      nb:Black Bart tracks back, alongside the Big wide noisy & very fastly beast with weirdly wheeled vehicles, b’fore sweeping our wey to Ansty, where l’aqua-d’fresh is replenished. Onwardly, just passed non-bridge 20 we meet nb:Tui coming tuther whey & decide to share a splendid mooring on this highly embankment in the (almost) shadow of Hopsford Hall.

Saturday 14th April      So. Knot in a rush. Of any kind. Wever ain’t great eaver. Staying ‘ere maties. Moor polishing going on in ‘ear. Inner brass mushroom & eyeball hole liners all removed, polished to a glintinly fine-ness of stunningly shiny’ness. And they all go back int’ their tittle holes agin.

Sunday 15th April      Stay ‘ere an’udder day we shall. Shall we ?  Yes. Still cool & grey out there. Skippet is creating moor Astonishing crochet-ted Marvellousnesses. Skip is playing with Sharp implements agin. That Foo’el, ye olde’ quartermaster hath allowed skip to take out the bowsaw & one of the axes (Yes. Plural). Refuelling of the kindling store is the name of this tittle job.

Monday 16th April      Me, my craft & crew says Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  going sailing through (hopefully) deep ‘nough water to the Stretton Arm (which used to be original path of the Oxford Canal roand ‘ere) passing an’udder old Rose Narrowboats friend


nb:Joey. A Splendid holiday home shared with two Lovely peoples quite a few years ago. Knot much further now. T’ very stubberly short Brinklow arm waives us


a cheery ‘Caio’ followed soonly aft’by a sadly ‘Arrivederci’. Brinklow anchorage is quite busy, butt our quite long craft sneaks in near t’end. And then even moor vessels turn up, having to land on/in the considerably muddily puddlings.

Tuesday 17th April      There mayhaps be cloudy oat there. There mayhaps be windyness oat their. Indeed. Tis correctamundo. Even a wee bit showery later two. But knot to worry. nb:Black Bart is swimming the Oxford Canal during these daylight ‘ers. Woody, wiggerly, straight as a watery arrow, high flying, low skulking, narrowly wide, tunnel like. We travellings them all. A variedly interesting combo of our very green & pleasant land, with splatterings of many a different tings.


The delights of Brownsover provide a fruitfully safe restfulness for Cap’n Black Bart & ‘is cru of quite a few toes & paws.


Even provides we’all with a very interestingly enticing darkly bridge hole. Knot shore how an’earth we managed to escape the weird & wonderfully scary world we encountered own that tunnel of darknesses.

Wednesday 18th April      We Aaaarrrggh !!!   enjoying a Most Splendidly Hotly sunny joyousness cruising this wonderful watery world we live in. Oar should that be ‘on’. Don’t no rearly. It mayhaps be slightly difficult fore sum of ya to notice, butt the language of the English is knot very easy & Skip is still struggling to get ‘is tittle ‘ead roand most of it’s weirdnesses. Gess you lot will ‘av to just grin & bear it likely t’rest of us is needling to do. He just summit like put up or shut up. Knot shore wot be going on.

We is still safely secured to our anchorage when an’udder olde’ friend nb:Golden Sunrise glides on bye. Our last boaty hire holiday. Pre-Bart. Gives us loads o’Fun on the River Thames & the Kennet & Avon Canal wey back in 2011. Great to sea you matie. Hopefully sea you agin sum thyme.

Best laid plans and all that. The original charts for our almost mid-week voyage ‘av slipped overboard int’wet stuff. They is now very drippy & helmsperson is even moor lost than usual.


Even this lot ain’t particularly helpful it has to be said. just throwing that piggy bladder (yummy) at each’udder, running aroand, falling over & wot’ever else we just do knot understandings likely. The only shore ting aboat today’s sailings is the brief but pleasant swishings of the River Avon flowing across our path. Aft’ getting lost several thymes we happen on a couple of old maties. Aaaarrrggh  !!!    The Good ships ‘Temptress’ (very naughty) & her chum Tickedy Boo. Skip gives up on the sailing & guides our Bart into an almost two teeny tiny fathom-ishly wide slot that be just aboat longness. Knot quite shore how the old Git got her in there. At least he did summit write today. We stop for chittie chatties with lashings of brown fruity sauce. Int’end we decide to just stay ‘ear. Easier & less troubling a scenario aft’ the earlier de-barkles & the udder stuff you lot definitely do KNOT need to know. Shall remain a piratey secret. Think the sun just got to ‘is ‘ead !!   Such a shocking ting to ‘ere of.

Thursday 19th April      The Sunnies is all oat agin. Even hotter than yesterday. We need to make up for lost thyme. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  has had to take proper charge. No grog allowed today. Knot aft’ yesterday’s shenanigans. Aft’ arrivederci to our boaty chums shall off we be. Cockswain has to be the responsible helmsperson today, guiding our craft & cru gently & serenely along our path of moor than just dampness. On the final approach to the flowingly tri’ascent of Hillmorton (And none of you bloggets oat their will believe this News) Bart seas yet an’udder olde’ friend.


The almost resplendently Good ship Thow’d Fettler, whose company were enjoyed many moons ago, on Old Father Thames. And wot a Magnificently Wonderful occasion that indeed where !!!  Sorry old chum but Cap’n Black Bart ain’t a’messing today. He is in a Foulness of a Mood !!!  Cannee stop !  Hopefully sea you’ll agin sum thyme soonish. With the Cat o’nine tails in view cockswain has to keep Lister & pals a’chuggen & a’propulsioning onwards & (at least ‘ear) upliftingly ascensional. The twin steps of waterfalls duth knot slow Bart or our temporary uplifting companion fore very muchly minutes. Knot even an ‘er. We know. incredible is it knot !!


The vista which be greeting our vessels stretches oat a’head of us, far & wide. Panoramic views too splendidly difficult to explain, bye such a simpleton as this person ‘ear. At tuther end of the pencil, if ya’know wot aye’ mean !!!   Where will this new horizon be taken us tooooooo ???   Thyme to continuancely swim along t’canal to sea (wear we shall land). Pass Hillmorton Wharf we do, propulsing through l’aqua d’linear. Aft a few flexy curvaceousnessles Bart traverses a plumb like direct wey’d’Adam’s ale virtually all the whey to Willoughby Wharf. Knot quite though. A finely suitable berth appears almost magically off the starboard bow. Perfeck !!  Our trusty steed of a narrowly craft almost majestically slips int’


Most Splendid Aaaarrrggh !!!   Cap’n Black Bart’s (Aaaarrrggh !!! ) (agin)  (well he is a pirate ya’no) chosen sleeping quarters. Just like a seventy foot long swishingly hammock. Almost.  Good Night Won & All. Sleep Tight !!!

Friday 20th April      Fore we Aaaarrrggh !!!  in a statically salt of a mood. Just cannee really understand why !!


Our new tittle fore’legged chums is in quite relaxed moods too. Fluffy cutie !!

Enough of all that. We need to do some work. Chores. Squirrel & Epping, our most marvellous winter working heaters need a good old spring clean. Coolie hats removed from top of fore & aft chimneys. Chimney’s brushed to within a millimetre of their cleanlinesses. Both tittle monsters Aaaarrrggh !!!   have their tummies well & truly scrubbed. Inside & oat !  Muchly dirty blackness is carefully & professionally dealt with & safely removed from nb:Black Bart by crue, who is niao be quite black & dirty two (oar should that be too). Thyme to dive in the canal with that bar of tar soap. Muchly splashing, gurgling, splattering & splutteringly goings on. Sum while later…..   Lovely Clean & Fresh agin. Photographs knot available at thyme of going to ‘press’. Sorry !!   Chimneys & coolie hats is niao scrubbed & polished to a finely fresh, almost new finish. Hard to believe they is already over two years old & looking soo Good agin.

Saturday 21st April      Wot n’earth is going on. Must be Mad.


Up at stupid o’clock, wiv d’ lambs, Lister chuggen, lines slipped, propulsion we ‘av. A comfy slow (relatively controlled) hour of drifting to Braunston ensues. Freshly l’aqua soonest replenished we need to wind (aboat turn) our craft. Braunston Junction be knot a ‘normal’ sort of waterly intersection. This union of canals is split by an island, which makes fore a moor interesting method of manoeuvres. Cockswain guides our longly vessel passed the islet.


With Lister & friends in charge we is niao floatings to stern in an aft’ly fashion,


roand the southern concaved side of the tittle isle. We successfully clear the isle.


Bart waits for a lovely tittle tug to chug through the junction, in the opposite direction,


and then we is floating in a fore’wardly direction through the concaved northern flank


of our junction ait, under the Northerly of the two glorious cast iron bridges that adorn this beautifully unusual ‘istorically important junction, ready two retrace our swimmingly strokes  That went muchly better than it might of done !!    Now. Can we find Willoughby Wharf agin ?  A most agreeable voyage of swimmings through surrounding green & pleasant landly countryside it is indeed. Bye just aft’ quite early o’clock staticness floatations hath resumed. Lines secured. Cap’n Black Bart had successfully searched fore & found the required pool of anchorage. Aaaarrrggh !!!   Rest we shall. Recovery is desired & ty-redly salt aft.


Sum many ‘ers & quite a few minutes later their be loads’o’shouting. Land Ahoy !  Shiver Me Timbers !!   Aaaarrrggh !!!    Cap’ns Morgans & cru is sneaking int’ port. Wot Fun !    Thyme seams to change. Substantially gorged on Curried salmagunchi & grogged on sum very strange & interestingly flavoured liquids, the night drifts satisfyingly into & through darkness.    Aaaarrrggh !!!

Sunday 22nd April      Slowly the darkness seeps away & light creeps in from the top, bottom (knot bum) & sides. The day is be ‘ere !!  None of that silliness like yesterday morn. A slow warm sunny-ish day we duth enjoy. Tis aft’noon & old friend nb:Impulse glides majestically over the horizon, appearing as a mere spec. Slowly but surely said vessel grows larger & is be finally ‘ere, squeezing int’ gap. Just of sufficient size this tittle waterly orifice were. Aft’ many huggles & backly slappings mixled with Piratey shenanigans & funly frolickings, followed bye Köttbullar Swedish Meatballs & udder delishous’nesses. Their mayhaps even ‘av been a tipple oar too of groggings. Difficult to be completely shore of the exact ‘istorical details & the suchlies.

Monday 23rd April      Muchly boaty’ness of works is fore this day. Preparations must always be thoroughly accomplished before any swimmingly voyages Aaaarrrggh !!!  confrunted, let alone actually commenced & partaken ov.  Just as the evening of duskiness creepers in on us’ll, Cap’ns Morgans is making a break fore freedom. Be gone with you Morgans. Aaaarrrggh !!!    Until an’udder thyme…..   nb:Black Bart & nb:Impulse gently sway in the breeze as static floatations relax us just that tittle bit moor.

Tuesday 24th April      This day is a mite breezy, Sumwot grey & surpassing the point of mildy moist, almost to just shear, blooming WET !!   Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  is knot in won of ‘is moor pleasant moods !!   Aft’ Sadly goodbyes. We is off voyagingly through the shallow waters of these soggy inland paths.


A fair few furlongs of flow & suddenly. Spinning we Aaaarrrggh !!!


Starting to get a tittle dizzy niao !!


OK  That’s enough. Feel a bit icky sicky niao !!!


Many leagues later. Our Bart glides passed chumlies who is be remainals in almost unchangeables of water hoverings. Ciao !!   Arrivederci !!!   Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!


Lister & maties chuggenly propulsions craft (there’s one of them lovely ‘fresh’ chimneys) & cru through t’wonderful scenery of luscious greenly’ness.


What an Extremely cute bunch of tittle ones this lot Aaaarrrggh !!!

Aft’ negotiating the lovely Braunston Junction islet in a moor normal salt of fashion cockswain changes tack. We is niao on a South-Westerly headwind. Just Enjoying a chuggenly crews of combo waterways. Being the sharings of ripples bubbling along both the Oxford & Grand Union Canals. They like to be Together.

Wednesday 25th April      We did eventually slow down to a halt yesterday. A fine mooring in the shadow of Flecknoe Fields Farm. We Aaaarrrggh !!!  niao floating onwards with a positive mindset. Proper Locking to be doing with today. Ye olde’ boatperson’s interestingly named Wigrams Turn (Napton Junction to any new’boaties oat there) is be soonest upon our vessel. Swinging portly, through the fore-wey Wigrams Turn our Bart tacks North to & (shortly) (Call me shortly agin mate !!  You’ll receive a ‘Biff’ on the nose) downwardly Calcutt widely chambers of flowing liquid bee’fore we almost fly


along our slippery path. Onward we must chuggen. Skippet takes the lead. Lister being moor than happy to follow in that special sounding whey, that only those who have met, can fully appreciate.


Know thyme for an overnight stoply restfulness niao maties. Swishing along we Aaaarrrggh !!!


to the Big wide flood of descent that be Stockton’s chambers. Ait Big slippery steps in quickly likely succession. Lock keeper extraordinaire ups won’s game even moor. Exactly !!  AMAZING !!!    Aaaarrrggh !!!!   ME Hearties !!!


Ain’t no delay. Sorry chief !  Have to catch us up. Knot be stopping for lunchen. Leagues to travel. Furlongs to lower. Salt us oat sum of that Wonderful Salmagunchi you conjured up last thyme & send it on to Bart World, where evers we may be. We’ll raise a flaggan  oar too later. Cheers !!!  Chink !  CHINK !!  CHINK !!!   Even Cap’n Black Bart hath grown a tittle ty-red aft’ our extensive voyagings during this particular daylight of ‘ers. A final two loweringly chambers of the flowings completes a staggering nigh’n seventy feet & many toes of descention. That be nearly the length of our Bart, standing on ones head. Mad !!!    That calls fore an’udder  Aaaarrrggh !!!  !!!

Thursday 26th April      The delightfully scratchy Long Itchington is where our craft & cru wake up. That were a heavy night. Those Blooming Cap’ns Morgans turned up agin. Totally uninvited. Bringing their grog & showing off their booty to us. How Very Rude !!   They’av crept off agin now, so we can continue with our crewsing along the Grand Union Canal. Swishing this wey. Swashing that whey. Sweeping the curves as we go.


Bascote Locks is suddenly & inversely up’on us. A twinly combination of steply flowings tis won. Soonly followed by to moor slightly lonely liquid stairs. successfully downed !  There now be a light dusting of six further downwardly water lifts stretching ahead of us. Them eventually being stern’ of us. Aft’ a quite considerable amoant of that delightful tickedy tock noise. Yes !  You can here it. Just try and listen a tittle bit harder Please !!   Radford Bottom is the naughty butt nice completion of this almost repeat of Bart perched on tippy’toes.


Aft’ picking up a couple of hitchhikers we continue our recently commenced period of horizontal floatation. We now enjoy & relax into it’s warmly snuggleness of waterly chillings. To Leamington Spa we swim. Quartermaster chappie is a tittle bit grotty snotty at the mo. We need to find foodlie supplies before he becomes write stroppy like. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  is be calling a (temporary) halt to proceedings. With our craft safely anchored cru enjoy sum grub & then is be of to hunt fore supplies to rejuvenate that blokes state of contentment. With all concerned happy agin, lines is slipped & Lister propulses Bart onwards through this town of Spa. The canal’s flowings help our Bart swish over the railway, & almost fly over the River Avon, just as we is entering the next, very close place of many dwellings. Warwick watches our traversings from a portly position as we glide on bye.


A double step of Warwick’s Cape (of Good Hope) lockly chambers make fore an interestingly, nigh vertical ascent of considerably moor than won hundred & fore’tea manicured toes. Tis quite late in the cruising day. nb:Black Bart requires a safe & deep ‘nough wateryness fore overnightly restfulness. Knot any options available. Few statical locations is already gone. We end up at Budbrooke Junction. To port is a tittle arm. Dead-end, full of permanent privately moorers. Bart swishes to port, then reverses (to stern) (know surprise there then), just a tittle, in the direction of Hatton bottom lock. First attempt to land fails. Bart really does land. Too shallow. Helmsperson swishes our vessel past a static wide beam to a different location, further to stern. Seams moor promising. Yes !  Weir in !!  Aaaarrrggh !!!  That were quite a protracted day of shenanigans. Thyme to slowly & calmly enter the recovery position of relaxationings.

Friday 27th April      Fore we shall have a tittle wandering amble roand the corner, along this very narrow, wet, puddly towpath. Up to & over Birmingham Road Bridge, crossing high above the canal towards Warwick. We now turning right along Budbrooke Road & into the grounds of a Splendid looking arrangement, under the ownership & control of the Saltisford Canal Trust Ltd. Aft’ a friendly chittie chatties with Ian who appears to be the Main Man cru is heading back to nb:Black Bart. Knot much of a delay before Lister be chuggen happily, lines slipped, engage, propelled forward


& a very gentle calm approach is made towards Budbrooke Road Bridge.

Sea ya their

If you want to come along for the watery ride

Doesnee matter if you don’t

We be happy with wot ever your decision may or may knot become.

Might sea ya later

Oar mayhaps sooner

Could mightly be knot at all

Don’t matter aboat the mind’up.

Bye fore niao !

Arrivederci !!

Cap’n Black Bart yells Aaaarrrggh !!!

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  1. We is escaping smokey old brummie town , cruising down the Grand Union canal towards Warwickshire, planning to arrive at Kate’s boats Stockton top lock on Friday .
    We will keep a weather eye out on the horizon for you !

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