#55 Base ‘Camp’. Winter 2017/2018

Base ‘Camp’. Winter 2017/2018 !!  Really. Dunnee no wear an’earth those weeks (months, even) ‘av dis’peared two. Oh !!  Sorry !!!  their be moor than two. Too be more exactingly. That is be aboat a mere five months. Weeks ??  No eye’dear. You’re calculation to workings that won oat. If thee can be bovered. Eh !!  And wot a busy bee salt of boatly (Bartly, to be moor exact) thyme this hath bean. Various distractions there certainly were. Making on’board life & slightly off’board life ‘interestingly’. At thymes. Well. We made it. Cap’n Black Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!! & ‘is motley crew is be productive tittle bees since arrival int’port whey back there attend of October. One of ’em, anyway. Skippet’s fingers & fine array of tools ‘as bean a were-ing & a’jigging muchly (almost)  furiously creating many a knitted or crocheted wonder. RoxyChicKnits is wot it be. Creations of delightfuls to wear (or knot as the case may be). Amazing hats of incredibly varied styles, booty toppers, mugly warmers, shoulder softies, scumpers, spring garlands, heart garlands, chick doggy apparel. Tink there be udders knot mentioned. (Forgot bye skip is be the truth) (disgraceful). Any’whey. You need to take a tittle swimly hike over to RoxyChicKnits website to sea to whole truth, and nu’ting butt the hole truth !!  Say o’moor. Nudge ! nudge !!  wink !!  Wink !!!  Say know’moor !!  No eye’dear wot 1st mat has been doing. Slobbing mostly. Relaxation techniques ‘av practised likely during many a day. Plus the usual regular aromatic additions to the environment inside Barticus, from which we draw our breath. Skip did wake up fore a while during, and to take part in exhaustive tlc works on land, at Vange. Sum of you which will knot know. A few of you will maybe no. And a smattering of lovely closely peoples is likely knowing fore shore. Further four wheeled forays of enjoyment across the land (& sea, it has to be said) have taken us far & wide, (almost) throughout the hills & plains of our green and pleasant kingdom. A Wonderful Christmas & an arrival of the New Year (Yes 2018 no’less) was indeed witnessed & savoured. Thanks to ALL the Delightfully Marvellous personages who have made our passage through the winter passed Most Glorious, where ever possibly likely. Crew Aaaarrrggh !!!  Extremely Grateful to One & All !!   Thankee Ladies & sirs.

During moor recent weeks Skippet’s production of masterpieces hath uninterruptedly sustained at most impressive levels of productivity & craftswomenly skills a’plenty. Skip’s awoken to join the (knot quite) spring that might hopefully be springing out to greet us’all soon. Unlikely we tinks. The winds keep whizzing & howling aroand oat there. Same as during all them wintery weeks hath gone bye. Snow !  Ah, the Snow. We Luv’it !!   Thick white fluffie stuff.  And the rain. Rain !!   So much Rain !!!   Incessantly unremittingly persistant. Most of the thyme. The ground be sodden, waterlogged. Even the marina & surrounding canals is be full o’water two. Even three foot deep. If we on our Bart Aaaarrrggh !!!  lucky. Poor old 1st matey duth knot like the wet weather. Much sofa doggy snuggling continues.

The Eberspacher diesel powered water/central heating beast started making very unpleasant noises a few weeks back. Knot good !!  True, it is a noisy beast but we know what the usual noises are. Long story short, aft’ removed & taken away by engineer who installed it nearly three years ago, many ‘stern’ communications & annoyances expressed over a period of days, then weeks, finally Herbie (as the beast is called) was returned & re-installed. Big relief to us, the supposed failing heater blower assembly was replaced by the main Eberspacher dealer peoples on warranty. Quite a surprise to us & our engineer as they have a proven track record in recent times of knot looking aft’ their customers very well, i such situations. We were lucky. Be warned, all boater out there. The previous unit lasted over fifteen years. This one failed in less than three. Our engineer knows of many customers who’s heaters have failed even moor seriously & much quicker than ours. Quality obviously knot wot it used to be !  And they is failing supporting customers by refusing to cover things on warranty in many cases. Our engineer advises against having these installed any moor. That says it all. Fingers crossed Herbie runs smoothly for the fore-sea-able future !!

A few acquisitions all’intraweb add to Bart’s ‘jobs list soo skip can raise that sleepy head & ‘Do Sum Work’ !!!   Firstly, Door from galley to utility room now shuts properly. moisture traps in damp corners (standard problem of metal boat floating in cold water) all sorted. (regular process). Now for the new bits:- All-seaing led units in dark holes. Boot cupboard (Yes we got one of them); Wardrobe/Cupboard (no cups in ‘ear maties) in boatwomans cabin And; Utility room (Yes, one of them two). Additional long swan-neck led installed starboard side cabin wall (tuther end of sofa from 1st one, installed last year). New twin USB sockets installed port & starboard side cabin walls, in saloon. All led & USB units 12vdc supply, of course. Many gallons of new specialist SAE30 classic engine oil & filters at the ready. Most importantly, Lister is serviced & tl-ceed. Pet hate job of fuel filter renewal & bleeding goes surprisingly well.

Skip is shore they may be udder tings to mentioned.

When he wakes up again, wheel sea if that murky old grey matter is still be floating aboat inside dat funny head any moor than usually likes ………….

One thought on “#55 Base ‘Camp’. Winter 2017/2018

  1. You know your in trouble when you can’t understand the first 10 lines of type and wonder if google translate may help. I’m guessing your all well 😀 hahaha

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