#12 River Avon upstream – North. July/August 2015

Sunday 12th July 2015      Bart World – Anniversary Day. We moved on board our Fantastic Narrowboat Black Bart early hours on this day, exactly one year ago. THE BEST !!

We have cruised the last few miles of our (little) current River Severn Cruise, turning East/Left into the waters of the River Avon at 10.30am this morning. A meet with Avon Lock’s lovely lady lock keeper is successfully completed with aquisition of River Avon licence; a very helpful (hopefully) ‘Navigation & visitor Guide’ for the River Avon; ‘Tales of the Riverbank’ providing a fun guide to ‘boozing on the Avon’ (as originally titled when 1st published in 1983); and our £3 mooring for ta nite. ‘Tales of the Riverbank’ being created by local legend Eddie Fulcher who is now battling Parkinson’s disease. We wish him a Hearty thanks for his skill & humour. Keep the good fight Eddie.   After paying our dews, Bart leaves our floating (common in these ‘ere parts) mooring to enter & ascend the aptly named Avon Lock. As we de-lock, turning the tight for 7ty-ft-er exit, the wind (very kindly) provides the perfect opportunity to allow Bart an alternative. We end up facing the wrong way, but Bart manages to keep spinning the now required 180deg & we ‘land’ beautifully by the faucet. Of course skip remembered a water tank visit was the name of the game !!

P1070034  P1070035

Full, we move on, heading South for Abbey Mill winding hole, just short of Severn Ham weir. Tight Winding Hole is interesting with plastic pig moored very close. Bart is ‘spun’ without any unpleasantries, floating North again, finally mooring back near Avon lock, after first two options where too short & too shallow.

Monday 13th July      We will be hanging (not quite literally) around Tewkesbury for a while. A couple of meets and a foreign trip have been loosely scheduled. Aldi visit successful, we arrive back at Bart with four strange people waiving to us. We have mistakingly moored opposite the Lovely olde Tudor House Hotel to where these beings have travelled, from a far away land. We thinks some call it Kiwi Land. The ‘Nu-Low-lands is a name old folks whisper quietly, under their breath. from the other direction, Distant relatives, Will & Kate suddenly arrive with two wee lads carrying all their heavy bags for them. Joyous welcoming’s are expressed to these travellers from afar. Sustenance (bacon sarnies) (Yum-Yum) & liquid aplenty are provided as they are weary & in need of refreshment. After several days & hours of rest & recovery, a Scrumptious curry amongst many other delights are ravenously engorged.

P1070037 P1070040

Rummikub escapes from the cupboard, but is only tamed, by sum. The young pretender finishes the very (yes, very) last game in a blaze of glory. Then all tired souls are scattered, off to their beds.

P1070048  P1070047

Tuesday 14th July      Our ‘New’ (temporary crew) are terft out of their quarter’s when Bart’s Dog Mate (2nd Mate) tries to investigate their bed. She’s like that, our four legged girl. Her responsibilities include making sure all bedding is maintained in tip-top condition, and is-as comfy as-is doggily possible. The little people (children) (children, don’t be silly, they is not ‘children’ anymore) are finally found after going missing last night. Following a hearty breakfast W&K are off investigating the delights of Tewkesbury. T&P are enjoying the delights of Bart’s ice-cream stock. Very Tasty, I can advise you. Don’t tell their Ma & Pa. Then the drizzle starts & dus-ny wont to stop. We is all here again, so slipped the lines. Bart is off, swimming carefully through the one, large enough arch of the wonky King John’s Bridge, continuing past our intended marina stop. Rain. Who cares. These people need to experience at least a slightly larger bit of a small part of ‘Bart World 2015’. We chug 3-ish miles ‘up’ to Twyning before winding Bart round, setting a revised course for Tewkesbury Marina. Attempt to moor at The Fleet Inn Twyning aborted due to shallowness. Most annoying !!

P1070051    11742778_10207516722383007_5191736666592332652_n

A very experienced Skipper took the helm for a while, then many different hands partook of this wonderful pastime.


Yes, Black Bart is (not) a Cruiser Stern. Lucky we only need to maintain a straight course for 1/2 mile.

It even started to brighten up a little as we enjoyed the latter stages of our mini cruise. Tewkesbury Marina is back. A trouble free entry & lines were caught. A short finger pontoon it may be, but the marina will suit Bart fine, for a few days. The crew of t’ousands (yes it is this time) are off to find more grub. Their hunger is ravenous !! The (Ye) Olde Black Bear is hunted down & cornered. Crew gorges on fine food & drinks all round. As we all munch, recovering from our long & torturous river journey, two (yes, two) strange heads startle us, suddenly appearing over the parapet. A bit of a screech. Friend or foe ??  A-Ha. It is the Belverderians. Only be to of them two-day. These be Mid-sheriffs for the High Council of Belverderians. Commanded by the 11th Duke & Duchess of Gloucester High Road. They live in their Stunning castle on ‘The Edge’. The ‘istorical, much loved Belvedere Edge. We all meet with smiles, handly shake-alls & muchly back slappering. pleasantries over, drinks enjoyed, and very SAD times now, as we bid a Very Fond Farewell to our Wonderful New Zealand Crew. They have all done very well. Competent crew certificates are issued as they are escorted (by Roxy) off the end of the plank.

Wednesday 15th July      Tewkesbury Marina looks and feels good. Black Bart is moored on a short finger pontoon in Basin 2. No surprise to find out, there be a basin 1 and also is sum secure on line floating pontoons too. Only a few Big steps to the splendid olde world of Tewkesbury. Roxy stays to look after Bart while we two take ourselves a walk into town to admire the mighty fine ‘istoric architecture that abundancies itself all over town. Magnificant !!

P1070076  P1070055

P1070063    P1070062

A very stutteringly difficult phone conversation, with bad signals, sumhou gets Bart’s & Croft’s crews to successfully meet. The Belverderians again. A splendid lunch is had by all (very reasonably priced, you know) before our waves part, until later. We reconvene for an evening on Bart with a delish, light curry bite, very naughty chocopud and a revisit of the fun of Cribbage. Said card game of ‘Much Skill’ being created by our very famous poet Sir John Suckling in the early 17th century, as a derivation of the game “noddy”. While noddy has unfortunately disappeared, many peoples still enjoy the hard fought battles of cribbage. Anyway, we digress (very unusual, admittedly). J/S&EJ win, easily. Then C/S&JJ fight back & scrape through just pipping those strong competitors. The evening is officially announced as a Draw, by the resident chief judge.

Thursday 16th July      A day of tying a few paperwork loose ends up today. Our girl had fun chasing the likkle bunny rabbits this morning. One almost pushed it’s luck too far by not diving into the bushes for quite a distance. Roxy was getting close. Rabbit Pie sounds good. Mrs. Miggins could be called upon, again. Skip-et goes off into town with Roxy-chick. Poochy walk of dog friendly places, including local hardware store, Guideposts charity shop, Post Office, the Beautiful Abbey (Stunning) & finally, open public land, Severn Ham, where Bart’s (reduced) crew called the fire brigade to report a mass of flames that were spreading quickly. Fire crews arrived & dealt with the fire very professionally. Crew’s matches have now been confiscated.

P1070068   20150716_145244  20150716_150042

Friday 17th July    

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad  !!! !! ! Congratulations ! !! !!!

50 ‘Golden’ Years. Fantastic !!  Well, there you go. & There we go. Off on a little journey, just for a wee bit o’ time. Black Bart is safely tucked up in the marina. We is picked up & delivered to our hire car depot. Back to Bart to load the Astra estate & finally away, unfortunately, later than hoped. Our 180 mile drive along, amongst other roads, the M5 M4 M25 M26 M20, taking four hours. Could have been worse. We arrive at our  destination at 6.00 pm. Le Avenue de Rochester. A Tree lined magnificence !!  A B&B of some repute !! Quarters are inspected & pass close inspection. Chuck-chuck curry is served for dinner. Splendid.   

Saturday 18th July      We awake from our slumber, to the smells of breakfast wafting up from the kitchens below. (Yes kitchens). Delights are bubbling & roasting. After a luxurious bath, powder & dress. Cereal is served. Toast too. Delish. Roxy is left with the (amazing) in-house doggy sitting service, as we’re are off to see two likkle darlings. Max & Ruby. Max’s football team ‘Real 60’ are competing in the Medway Cup today.

P1070083  P1070088

P1070097  P1070114

Early start for all concerned. Two impressive wins & a hard fought 3-1 loss to a very strong Red squad, place ‘our’ team second in their group. Through to the knockout rounds.

P1070126  P1070136

Ruby, team sub goes through some strenuous warm-up routines, but unfortunately her skills were not required by coach today.

P1070102  P1070104  P1070125

Unfortunately, this is not to be ‘Their Day’. A titan-ic tussel leads to a closely fought 2-1 loss & our boys are out, in the quarter finals. The Team are (understandably) very upset.

P1070142  P1070144

Medals are awarded to chears & raws from the crowds of spectators.             Next Year !!  Next Year Team.

The Pier, a fine establishment facing the waterfront of Upnor upon Medway becomes our evening retreat as we enjoy the most splendid dishes of fine food with our friend ‘Cinders’ Lynny-loos. Following exuberant consumption we view a fine vessel indeed, upon the testing River Medway. Close scrutiny identifies this fine (but small) craft to be that of local legend ‘Polly Verte’, a racing yacht with a much revered history. You may have heard of her many successful exploits, winning a couple of races in national & international waters. As you can see hear, she is currently leading the Upnor upon Medway ‘Classic Static’, but only just, by not even a short length in front of her sternest of rivals ‘Antares’.

P1070149  P1070151

The most appalling news of today’s race was Polly’s engine mysteriously disappeared. Her owners hold high hopes though, as Medway River Police are following a few leads. We hope to report good news, in the nearish future.

Sunday 19th July      A Different, but still as marvellous continental breakfast is devoured this morning. Only a quick shower, doggy walk & the Astra is started up. Poochy-Sitter is called upon again. We journey our way to the Most Marvellous (& second oldest) (604AD) Cathedral of the land, in our little city of Rochester. Only a hop & a skip from the imposing shadow of the much ‘younger’ (1127) Rochester Castle.

A very Special Day today. On Two counts.

IMG_0078  IMG_0077

Marion Clara Proctor (Phillips) 21st October 1929 to 19th July 2012. Very much missed, often thought of, much talked about & talked to.

IMAG0349  P1020445

Marion’s ashes are in the Cathedral’s remembrance garden close to those of her beloved, David Victor Proctor.

11219419_10153455167853516_5607031342503087762_n 10471231_10153455168018516_3120095116375803910_n 11169937_10153455167943516_8418954105714169751_n  IMG_0460

!!!  Congratulations on your Golden Wedding  !!!

17th July 1965 to 17th July 2015

Jean & Dave – 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Upchurch Golf Club.     A Fantastic Celebration, continued back at Sunridge Towers after enjoying scrumption foody-licious from the 17th ‘T’

Great seeing old faces again, and catching up.

very strange people at the ends

Pics from said celebration unavailable at time of going to print. These stand-in actors were found at short notice. Only cost  7.5 sterlings each for 15mins work. 

We return to Fab B&B to collect our Roxy, load-up the truck & a cleaner run ‘home’ to Black Bart. As hoped, for a late-ish Sunday evening drive.

Monday 20th July      Black Bart remains rested today as we restock larders. Cupboard & fridge. Handy having hire car until middayish. Astra returned & Enterprised ‘beam me up Scotty’ back to Tewkesbury. We pickup a few other snibblets as we return through ta High Street and onto ta marina.

Tuesday 21st July      Lister is turned over after a week of rest & recovery. Black Bart reverses out of Tewkesbury Marina after we pay our dues. Quite reasonable. Good place with Good people. One to note.

P1070201  P1070205

Very Windy today. Considered staying an extra night as winds projected to be a likkle lighter tomorrow, but decision made. We’re off. Clean exit & Bart is heading North again on the River Avon.

P1070209  P1070212

We skirt Bredon Hill all day. Feels like we is going around & around. But who cares. Scenery is Glorious.  The 18th century Folly built on top of the hill, was an eccentric’s wish, to stand 1000′ (ft) above sea level. Bredon Hill’s peak was/is a few feet less, so the folly was constructed to keep the poor chappy happy.

P1070211  P1070229

We saunter for a blustery 8 miles which involves an interesting entry before ascending Strensham lock & creeping through the central arch of the 16th century Eckington Bridge.

IMG_0058  IMG_0059

Limited moorings on north side of bridge are full with the mass of three narrowboats. We creep on, hoping Birlingham Wharf is mooringly better. Positioned on a tight (but fortunately wide) ‘Swan neck’ bend, this ‘Wharf’ is abundant. Our 57′ nb lock companions are moored & that is the expansive mooring facilities full. We request to raft-up & are welcomed to our new ‘abode’. Bart swings into position beautifully.Birlingham’s Bats are out late this evening. Whizzing around. Speedy little critters. Amazing.

For a mo’ – Back to earlier, at Strensham (wide) lock. Black Bart was moored  with just bow line, in the tight lock waiting area. NB Simba Dada came into position, rafting-up as darling lock keeper were prepping tings. Simba Dada entered & Bart followed. Oh! We can’t close the lower east lock gate behind Bart. We appear to be a likkle long. Unable to position Bart diagonally across the lock as we were sharing, me thinks we will be reversing back out. Before we give up, Simba moves back as fas as is possible. Bart moves as far forward as possible, with bow line used to angle us the little that is possible. Rear Fenders are pulled up onto the stern/apron. Bottom lock gate just clears Bart’s rear curves. We are in. Very cosy. Black Bart & Simba Dada rise to the next level. 

Wednesday 22nd July      A still quite breezy & grey day with a ‘good’ splash of rain at times. We remain rafted-up to our nb neighbours for the day.

P1070241  P1070247

Even moor bats out tonight catching their supper, in flight, right by Bart’s starboard hatches. Most impressive. Unfortunately camera man is incapable of supplying you (our reader) (Yes, there is one of you) (Maybe, even a couple) with photographic evidence. Don’t believe us then. Soo Wot. We is Not a lying mate(s). See if you can spot some of these wonderful flying experts in the pics below. Good luck !!

P1070285  P1070250

Did film the likkle black munsters whizzing aboat, all over the place,             But that’s for private viewings ONLY !!

Thursday 23rd July      A more pleasant day has been promised by our friendly weather forecaster peoples. It is dry. That old wind has dropped, but it’s still rather cloudy. Not to worry me old mucker(s). We leave our mooring buddies, slipping Bart’s lines at 9.00am. 

P1070308  P1070326

After swinging the stern out & reversing a safe distance from old Simba, Bart makes for Nafford lock. All goes well until we cruise out of the lock, trying to negotiate the tight ‘dog-leg’ that dodges the weir on 1st bend & the open sluice gates on the other. Gave up after two attempts to bring the nose round in time. Change of tack. We ‘drive’ in direction of the weir, jumping between forward & reverse, to swing bart through the S-bends backwards. Works OK, after some two-ing & fro-ing. Bart continues reversing to the start of the next, more gradual bend, a comfy distance from the sluices, then turns to continue North, with bow also pointing North this time. That was FUN !!  Glad the river currents & winds were sedate during that protracted manoeuvre. Relief !!  Who mentioned bow thruster.  Girly buttons as Mrs. Chris calls them. The River widens out & is just Blooming Marvellous. After nearly 7miles we pass through the close arches of Pershore New Bridge & Great (14th c) Bridge. Soon after Pershore lock leads us to today’s destination.

P1070340  P1070344

After cruising for three ‘ers, as they call them in these parts, ideal doggy friendly moorings greet us at Pershore. Generous mooring for a good ten-ish boats, along side a recreation ground. Perfect for the whole crew.

Friday 24th July      Well here comes the rain again !!  Going to be wet all day. Off to Pershore Town to inspect. Not quite. Just, the very good indoor Pershore Market & then our local Asda. Back to Bart. Hunker down for rest of ta day.

Saturday 25th July      Pershore, Here we come. Dry, warm day allows us to enjoy a walk through her lovely streets, viewing the seaside style verandas,

P1070360  P1070361P1070364

visiting the relaxing Abbey Park with Fantastic tree carving,

  P1070363    P1070371  P1070369

& onto the very old, much altered & considerably reduced Pershore Abbey. Very interesting building.

P1070374  P1070377

Tonight we have a very good live band performing great music, which neither of you have the pleasure of enjoying, & our own riverside fireworks display, sum of which you briefly can (enjoy, that is). Absolutely Fantastic !!  !!  !!!

P1070384  P1070388  P1070382

Sunday 26th July      We must leave this lovely place known as Pershore. Home of Toyah Willcox. You should know the response by now. Look-er-up mate!!  Weather not so good again, but, hey-ho !!   Off to Evesham we shall go. Soggy we will be. Hope we can find such a good mooring position there too. 1/2 mile after the only remaining diamond shaped (Wyre) lock on the Avon,

P1070438  P1070437  P1070441

Black Bart waves a cheery howdy to Wyre Piddle as we swim by the wonderfully named village. After six long miles we stop a likkle way short of intended place, deciding to hold up at Craycombe Turn for a couple of days, maybe. Good moorings here. Simba Dada (passed whilst propping up the Anchor Inn’s bar) arrives, landing in front of Bart.

Monday 27th July      Invited for coffee & cake (truly scrumptious) on the delightful Simba Dada. Then we is waving our fellow boaters goodbye, as they’s on their way to Evesham. We is stay-ing ‘ere. Forays into the woods add to our heating stock for possible chilling autumn evenings. Will need to saw into short lengths sumtym. Another attempt is made to stop ‘old leaky’ on Lister’s diesel feeding pipework connections.

Tuesday 28th July      Very Windy on the Avon today, like most places, probably. After times of pondering, we decide to laugh in the face of those winds & set ‘sail’. No we have not uprated Bart’s unpowered prowess. Yet !!

P1070483  P1070496

We blast along, covering four miles & jumping up the one (Chadbury) lock (The old Chocolate ‘Cadbury’ lock is further upstream), arriving at Evesham Town’s splendid moorings a whole two ‘ers laters. A 3 nile return walk to restock 2 x 15kg Chuddley’s Classic – Roxy food. The walk back to Bart was more telling than phase 1. New rubber stick is bought to replace the ‘old’     (use to float) drowned one. She seems to love this one even more, if that’s pos.

Wednesday 29th July      We awake, still tied to Evesham, sum-how. Being, almost at the ‘summit’ of the Lower Avon Navigation. A walk to the vets we passed yesterday is required to check out the girl’s (no , Not Judith’s) very gungy eyes of recent days. No ulcers or any udder tings, proby sum allergic issue. Drops to be admined for a week.

Thursday 30th July      Another cloudy day, but lovely warm sun peaking out a little, later. Evesham Walkies for a wee look, & white magnum-yums, sitting & enjoying Abbey Park, close to the scaffolded Tower (all that remains of the AD714 Benedictine Abbey). Busy Times these, for Black Bart’s Crew. Good News, Roxy’s eyes already looking better. Fab !!

P1070522  P1070537  P1070540

Friday 31st July      After relocating to the secret water tap, in the shadow of Workman Bridge, to ‘fill-er-up mate’, the only just long enough Avon Lock is shared with NB ‘New Dawn’ (it’s a New Day, it’s a New Life). She wonders off as we crawl along, enjoying the slightly less expansive, but still wonderful Upper Avon Navigation & her surrounding countryside. Wot a Wonderful, hot sunny day we is ‘enjoying today. Glorious.  Maybe Summer will stay a smite longer this time.

P1070564  P1070565

As we are arising George Billington Lock NB ‘Sokai’ arrives. Too late. We seem to wait an age for Sokai to catch up, at the next, when Robert Aickman New Lock is ready & waiting. These first two locks on the Upper Avon are longer & have more girth than recent ‘lifts’ of our (luckily, not soo strong) current waterway world. We cruise on, also sharing Marcliff (IWA) lock before we glide into Bidford-on-Avon, docking behind lock companion one. Lock companion two sneaks in behind Bart. Sokai has been in & out of Bart World a few times since we first met her lovely crew way back, on the Staffs & Worcs Canal.

Saturday 1st August      O’cast today. Mr Sun has disappeared, again. Sokai is off. Bart will stay ‘ere.  The udder one is off too, later. You may have seen the news a few weeks back when a section of the delightful (1482) Bidford Bridge was part mushed by a farm vehicle while ‘attempting’ to drive across. Now closed to all but pedestrian traffic. Fortunately, river traffic is still permitted to pass through.

Sunday 2nd August      Looking like another good day, fluffy clouds in da sunny sky. Passing through the South Arch of Bidford Bridge is causing concern. Very Shallow water, with an abundance of stone & rocks there to be a-gouging Bart’s hull protection. Very slowly. Very carefully we creep on. Waiting for the inevitable (we thought) crunch (w’ere stuck). Nothing. We are through. Phew !!

P1070583  P1070588

A few more of those Avon navigation miles are ticked off as Bart swims along, ascending four wide locks, including choco lock. Not sure where the free bars for the crew were. Would have been nice, if previous boaters unknown, had not helped themselves to more than their fair share. Oh Well !!  Sai-la-vi (or is that saliva ?? Not shore). Narrow, twisting sections of river keep us a-lert. Fortunately, not busy on the Avon here. Mooring options local to locks not taken, foolishly thinking of stopping at Binton Bridges, near Welford. Silly Skippy !  That mooring was non-existent. Above Luddington lock provides a not too much later sanctuary for our Bart & crew. NB Monmouth moored behind us. Lovely couple of Many Avon (and others) cruising years & their gorgeous black Cocker Spaniel George. FYI – Luddington is a lovely village in Romania.

P1070597  P1070609

Monday 3rd August      Unusual in recent weeks, but we are off again after only one night. Chuggen for many miles, up thru Gordon Grey Lock, to moor in a lovely position, in the local of said lock, just a cuppell of miles short of sum plaice called Stratford. Me think’s we is being followed, again. That Monmouth boaty suddenly appears. they take command of last anchor point. Not sure what is going on here/hear. A good supply of (more) wood is eyed, local to the lock & the weir. Watch this space.

Tuesday 4th August      Whilst keeping a left slit-eye on our not so new ‘neighbours’, tools & equipment are readied. Wood cutting the new ‘Craycombe Turn’ stock ready for cold evenings (December/January only) is the name of the day. & ‘watching’ some possible spies. Extra wood is salt from the adjacent field. That ‘chopping’ lark takes far longer than anticipated. Who said bow saws weren’t FUN ??  A wise cycler-by suggests a chainsaw would be a good idea. Yes, but that could be even more dangerous. bow saw is the tool of choice today. Back is not a happy chappy later inta evening.

Wednesday 5th August       With a protesting back, off with the bow saw to relinquish some of that eyed wood adding it to our roof box stock. Just Can Not believe it. We Are Off Again. Onward we go. Stratford-on-Avon is Calling. Colin P. (Witter) Lock is the last of our lot on this Most Wonderful of Navigation Waterways. The Rec. provides Fantastic Roxy (& other crew) friendly moorings. We are moored behind NB ‘Get Up & Go 2’ & her lovely crew (who we have seen a few times on travels since that first Droitwich time) For a Few ‘ers we shall stay here, only a few minutes walk to the old ‘haunt’ of a fine fellow (by some accounts) who lived by the name – Mr. William Shakespeare.

2nd mates from both crews enjoy some play time together.

P1070620  P1070617  P1070619

Thursday 6th August      Today, we have moor visitors from the far away Low-Lands. Wonderful Crew of NB ‘Th’owd Fettler’ have driven up from Bath (here in the UK yu-no) to enjoy a lovely day. We met these fine peoples whilst journeying our way ‘down’ Ye olde Grand Union Canal last Summer, stayed in Paddington Basin together & enjoyed a Trip (incl. Linny-Loos) to the West End to see the Fabulous musical ‘Matilda’. A Lovely Day is enjoyed by all, topped off with delicious tea-for-four, scrambled egg on toast. Scrumptious !!  Before we finish though, we must go back. A most tasty & very reasonably priced meal (for-4 that is) was enjoyed (eventually) at a plaice know in sum parts as the ‘Black Swan’. Old friend of ‘Black Bart’, maybe ??  We did not mind the delay though. Golden Hen went down very smoothly.  If fault is to be apportioned, the slow cooked lamb could be to blame. Others thought to suggest it mayhaps be from an unfortunate blockage in the poor old swan’s neck. Basically, our order went down the wrong way, failing to pass through the rest of the unfortunate creature. Ten minutes after eventual enquiries were made, most delish food was finally enjoyed by our increasingly hungry crews. Goodbye friends. Until another time.

Friday 7th August      A day of Brass polishing is required. Port (and starboard) holes, inside & out are glinting in the sunlight again. inner brass liners for roof mushroom vents & bulls-eyes are removed & polished. Beautiful, gleaming, reflective. Bluming Marvellous.

Saturday 8th August      The Ashes (you may not ‘give a hoot’) have been most definitely re-claimed. Marvellous celebrations at Trent Bridge (no we is not there) (we were there, twice in May, so were too early) following another ‘unfortunate’ Aussie beating. We shall forget about Lords from only a few weeks ago. Only a blip. Lovely sunny (mostly) day here on the River Avon. Very busy with Stratford rowing club starting early (again) this morning, followed by steadily increasing boat traffic consisting punters, day/hour hire row boats, small powered craft, narrowboats, non-club canoeists, plastic tubs & a number of (repeat offender) packed, passing wide beam trip boats. And loads more we cannot even try to describe. Recreational ground busy & benches along river bank full of visitors viewing fun & frolics of ‘water sports’. As usual, the anonymous Bart was unseen by all passers-by.

image   image    image   image

Sunday 9th August      Well, forgot to mention the new stainless steel (red) gas kettle that was successfully acquired (by reputable means) yesterday. The poor old camping one was more than showing it’s age. A ceremonial burning raft floating away on the River Avon, with old ‘Ket’ (steaming it’s last) on top is a sad event to behold. Awaiting photographs to be developed & proofed.

Monday 10th August      We are preparing Black Bart for a vig (very important guest). Our friend (and top-notch dog sitter) (others of similar high quality have not been forgotten) Lynn is ‘training-it’ (not the pooch) from her tree lined Avenue to our current tree lined River location. The Stratford Canal is calling Black Bart. Skip feels a departure from our friend of recent times, the Avon, is close.

Tuesday 11th August      Today. We ascend the lock of Stratford gongoozlers. Stratford Canal (Bancroft) Basin lock transfers Black Bart and her crew from the Wonderful River Avon Navigation into the waters of the Stratford Canal.

P1070674  P1070676

Black Bart has cruised all 42 miles of the Fantastically Beautiful River Avon Navigation ascending 17 wide locks. We will no doubt enjoy this Wonderful Navigation again in the future.

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