#10 River Severn downstream – South. June & July 2015

Sunday 28th June 2015       Ah !!  There you is. Wandered where you had gotten yourself to. Anyway Now your ‘ere  –  A wet start to the day has encouraged us to delay our depart from our Stourport mooring until aboat ten (in the morning that is). We have left (or is that right/righted) the Delightful Staffs & Worcs behind today. Having left/right (not so) early (after all) for us ‘ere on our Bart. Descended York Street Lock into Stourport Upper Basin, stopped ‘briefly’ for water. Manoeuvred Bart to & thru Clock Basin, turning left ready to descend the two double Basin Staircase Locks. Interesting manoeuvres required to travel from upper bottom lock to lower top lock (hope that makes sense)      (are you still with us ?). It wee bit awkward. Very mis-aligned constructions. Watching boats yesterday negotiating this was uncomfortable. They weren’t even 60′ long. Black Bart is 70′ long. Before we can leave upper bottom lock (or is that bum !!  How rude !!) the lock keeper on the lower staircase is ‘locking’ another narrowboat up, coming into Stourport, off the River Severn. They have fun manoeuvring their narrowboat to the side of the ‘wonky’ pound between the staircases. Then (by sheer luck, they all shout) Bart is transferring from upper staircase to lower staircase without any bumping of walls (or anything else).  Some ‘to-ing & fro-ing’ & rotating is necessary. Backing into an adjacent, staggered pound (thank goodness it’s there) allows the extra space required to administer safe passage. Not quite sure how that went soo well. Our luck is obviously in today. For now at least. P1060429

Mr. Lock keeper & Ms. Lock Keeper lock us down the second, final staircase locks & then we are there, just after that yard arm has gone over. No drinking allowed !!!   OooH !!  Yet, I said. HERE WE GO – The River Severn is our New Waterway Companion for a while. We turn left/South as we leave Stourport basin staircase locks behind.

P1060433  P1060434

If you head North, unfortunately you can only travel a mile to the limit of the navigation. In the 19th century the River Severn was navigable for miles, through Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury & Newtown, into Wales. Connected to the Montgomery North of Welshpool & The Shroppie at Shrewsbury. The River North is apparently more beautiful that the navigation to the South. Such a Shame. Maybe, one day. Unlikely. Even so, we still enjoy our Southern ‘sail’.



A Wonderful Cruise, our Black Bart & Crew is ‘aving ‘ere on Ye olde’ Severn.



We pass the junction with the Wee River Salwarpe, closely followed by that of the Droitwich Barge Canal. We will likely be visiting that one, proper-like, quite soonish. Keep your eyes peeled Chums !!!  or whoever or what ever you are. The River Severn has been our companion for only a wee while over the four ‘ers, travelling thirteen miles, descending three Big (although not quite as BIG as on the Trent) locks & under a mostly cloudy sky. At least it is has stayed dry & warm-ish. The sun is finally trying to peek through.




Although quite windy, at times today the Severn has been like a mill pond. Other times, quite choppy. Nothing compared to that on the river Trent when approaching Cromwell Lock far too late in the day, some weeks ago.


Do Like an interesting chimney or two or three or four or …..


We cruise into Dragon boat waters as we near Worcester. A safe distance is maintained. We can’t risk an attack at close quarters. There are far too many of the dangerous looking marauders.


It’s OK. Black Bart has frightened them. There off. Paddling scared. This Pirate’s reputation is well known in these waters.


Now Black Bart has made it safe to cruise again, we enjoy Worcester’s waterside views.


The junction with the Worcester & Birmingham Canal is soon upon us. We swing Bart round as it be a sharp one. With the old girl safely moored with a floater (read that as you will), locks are prepared for our safe transfer, with Goodbye’s to the Lovely River Severn. We will see the old lady again sum-tym soon we’ve no doubt. Well, actually, we know we will. So. And ?

We now ascend two wide locks up to Diglis Basins, ready to experience another `new’ (to us) waterway. The W&B forms a section of our next likkle trip `round’ the Mid-Worcestershire Ring. See you there….. We’ll also see you back here in a few days time, when we inevitably reconvene our River Severn Cruise. If your unlucky enough to stumble this way again, join us. If not, then so what !!  See if we care.


Hello. We are Back on the River Severn Cruising South

We have enjoyed our likkle excursion ’round’ the Mid-Worcestershire Ring, but we is now back.  P1060935

Thursday 9th July      We re-join our River Severn Cruise at 11.00am. Swimming our way back South to & through Worcester. A Beautiful Sunny day fore a Fantastic River Cruise.


Tittle these lock chambers !!  Aren’t They !!!  Te !!  He !!!



After sharing our one & only (Diglis) Lock with NB: Get UP ‘N’ Go 2  we enjoy a most splendid, relaxed gentle swim through 11 miles of these Wonderful Severn waters.


As Black Bart approaches Upton upon Severn, prior to the bridge, we are not surprised the limited floating visitor pontoon moorings are full. No room mate. Fortunately for us, our lock companions are waving us on to raft up. They are positioned on the even more restricted concrete stepped moorings just after the bridge. Fantastic !!  There be nowhere else.

P1060969  P1060976  P1060977

After sum moor relaxation crew take a walk into the Delightful Upton upon Severn. Lovely place.

P1060982  P1060992


Friday 10th July      NB: Get UP ‘N’ Go 2 are off to Tewkesbury today. We slip our lines & de-raft. Backing our Bart out the way, our neighbours are off. Bart moves back in, but the nasty looking concrete ledge below the waterline is not inviting. Bart is nigh on twice the draught of our recent neighbours. We move back out into the river proper, winding Bart round to slowly chug back under the bridge, waiting for a moored to depart the floating pontoons. Our luck is in. Signs were looking promising as we turned. We go on a little, winding the old girl again, and we slide into our new mooring. No ledges here matey. Free flowing water, fish & ducky-ducks.



My Darling walks into Upton, visiting amongst others, Mrs. Miggins Pie Shop. OH ! No, Sorry. Got that rong. ‘The Pudding Shop’. Steak & Kidney Pudding and Steak & Ale Pudding were bartered for. Yes, they accept Coins. Sterling coins, at that. So the deal was done. Said Puddings were successfully transported to Black Bart.

Saturday 11th July      Happy Birthday Skip. Looking a bit old now Mate !!  Cheers.  Thanks.  You don’t look soo good yourself.   Te He.  Te He.

P1060996  P1060998

The Uptonians (locals you know) have put a show on for us today. Bart is perfectly positioned to view the latter stages of the 1500m swim for the triathletes who are, it has to be agreed – MAD !!  Very Impressive though. A number of different groups of peoples are competing in this local event, so the ebb & flow of open water swimmers is ongoing for a considerable time.


Mrs. Miggins Pies. No, sorry, Puddings provided us with the most splendid Scrumptiousness for Birthday Dinner. Sum peoples might think we liked those puds. They may be right.

Mrs. Miggins Pies being of the Black Adder. Not Black Bart (of course).

Sunday 12th July 2015      Bart World – Anniversary Day.

We moved on board our Fantastic Black Bart early hours on this day, exactly one year ago. THE BEST !!


To celebrate, we cruise the last few miles of our (little) current, River Severn Cruise, in very cloudy, windy, gusty, & at times, very choppy severn waters. Six miles from Upton upon Severn Bart turns East/Left into the waters of the River Avon. At precisely 10.30am this morning.

P1070023  P1070027

You are welcome to join Black Bart & her Crew of three as we Meander our way North along the inland waterway known by many as The River Avon.

Bye for Now…….  Woof !  Woof !! (woofs  Roxy)

Black Bart has cruised 28 miles of the Fantastically Beautiful River Severn & descending 4 Quite Big locks. We will revisit this island’s longest river again, when we will also travel the other bakers dozen miles of the navigation that Black Bart is allowed to swim.

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  1. Hi me hearties, good to ‘ear from ye! Goin’ on down the Severn? How many times………… its not 7 is it? Ha ha ha ha.

    Lookin’ to hearin’ from ye again real soon, bye fer now XxX

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