#6 Fossdyke Navigation upstream – West. May 2015

P1050182  P1050179

Friday 22nd May 2015      We are leaving the Witham Navigation, as we arrive back in the Wonderful city of Lincoln, via Brayford Pool. Think we have Recovered from Roxy’s impromptued swim early in our shortish cruise of today.

P1050177  P1050178

Saturday 23rd May     Static today, relaxing in our Bart. We walk Roxy to Lincoln’s West Common (previously visited during our easterly travels of these local waterways). Our little doggy enjoys the space and freedom to run and play. She is not particularly interested in those lovely horses, and they are more interested in munching the tasty (presumably) green grass.

There be a convoy (albeit, a slight stretched out as you might say), constituting – NB: Yarwood  (incl. gorgeous black labradors) and three other narrowboats. They be on a cruise downstream, to negotiate Boston’s Grand sluice lock in only a few days time. With pilot ‘in tow’ this narrowboat convoy will be cruising out, for a ‘ride’ across ‘The Wash’. We wish them all well and for a safe and pleasant journey. Good Luck fellow boaters. Look forward to meeting again sumtym.

Black Bart suggests you hunt down NB Yarwood’s top notch blog. A fine read one must say. Had the pleasure of Yarwood’s neighbourliness for the Yelvertoft winter.


Sunday 24th May     Another day of mostly rest and relaxation. Good job done with manufacture of the anti-bug nets for the ‘pigeon boxes’. One above the utility room and the other above our bedroom. Very handy for keeping the annoying little sods outside when one requires the pigeon boxes to be open on a warm day/evening/night. In fact when ever you want to mate !!  Perfect netting material supplied by two (three) lovely peoples we k-now at Yelvertoft marina. In fact we were having soo much fun, we progressed with successful creation of bug barrier for saloon port side hatch too. Fine job !! Well impressed.

P1050176  P1050188


Monday 25th May      We leave Lincoln heading for the lovely village of Saxilby, just so we can double check the quality of the local chippy again. Yes !!  Still up to scratch. Tasty. Cod fried ‘fresh’ while you wait. Dealish. or is it Deelish. Anyway, who cares.


Tuesday 26th May      Very slow lazy start this morning. Pasty/eggs & bacon for late lunch. Working on the back of great progress on Sunday, we successfully fabricate bug barrier for saloon starboard side hatch and even the saloon roof ‘houdini’ hatch. Fab job all round. All anti-bug nets are removable so they be stored safely when the little blighters have gone to bed !!!!!

The crew even ‘Spring’ cleans through Black Bart in preparation for our guests, who will only make it all messy again !!  Alex and Neil arrive at 7.00pm and we all enjoy spicy prawn fishcakes for dinner. Fantabulous !!  Yummy. And Skip’s surprise for pud. Not bad !!


Wednesday 27th May     Up early. For us here on ‘wonwol’ anyway. Drag all the crew out of their beds. Wash & dress (themselves). Breakfast, and we’re finally slipping those lines at 8.00am. Off to Torksey to see if we can proceed through the lock and join the tidal River Trent to return South to Newark-on-Trent. 9.30am. We have arrived, but unfortunately, will not be descending Torksey lock until later this afternoon, as water depth over the lock cill is currently (tidal river you know) very shallow. We have a ‘Neap Tide’ situation.


P1050221  P1050219

Will likely (or even maybe not) be cruising the 16 mile stretch of tidal Trent South this evening. Who cares !!!  Off to the White Swan we go for extremely reasonably priced, yet Very Tasty food. Highly recommended. Upon return to Bart, the extremely splendid Neil (Mr. N. Lockeeper)  He of Torksey. Is unable to confirm departure timetable. Neap tide is in super sleepy mode.

4.30pm. We have 2-ish foot of water. First boats of the day finally entering & descending Torksey lock. Skip & crew agree to ‘go for it’. Black Bart soon follows, with increased depth tight on our 3 foot draft. No unpleasant noises down there, fortunately, as the lock is emptied in preparation for our eventual escape onto that there wide (but now shallow) River Trent. The next few hours might be Fun !!!

Black Bart has cruised all 21 miles (again) of the Wonderfully relaxing Fossdyke Navigation.

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