#4 Fossdyke Navigation downstream – East. May 2015


Thursday 7th May 2015   

   We joined the Fossdyke Navigation this afternoon as we left the Tidal River Trent having travelled North from the River Soar. Cruising in a South Easterly direction from Torksey lock, Bart made super-slow relaxed progress to our great mooring position by Saxilby village. Short walk to the ‘chippie’ provided the perfect f(in)ish.



Friday 8th May     Day of rest for Black Bart & crew after our Fabulous cruise on the Trent yesterday. Lazy, increasingly wet day.



Saturday 9th May     Remained at Saxilby moorings for a second day. Paul & Sharron + Joyce (Paul’s Lovely Mum) & Bella (their Lovely Blue Merle Collie) came over to see Bart & Crew this a’noon/evening. Roxy & Supafast Bella enjoyed ball/stick games. The extremely busy Saxilby ‘Mandarin’ supplied Absolutely Fab Chinese takeaway.

Sunday 10th May     Those

 lines have slipped again following a ‘slightly’ snailish am. Reversing across the ‘pond’ to the tap (supplier of fresh water), then a steady cruise to the Beautiful City of Lincoln. With Bart moored on the approach to Brayford Pool, and following a Fab dinner, our crew of three walked the Wonderful old city streets surrounding the Incredible Cathedral and Castle,

towering, their gaze casting an eye (or two) over the modern cityscape and waterways below.

Monday 11th May     Day of ‘rest’ for Black Bart & Crew.

Roxy had fun chasing her ball on West Common and watching the horses


wpid-20150511_115632.jpg   wpid-20150511_120407.jpg


Then we two is off to them there city highs again, via shoppy streets (briefly).

wpid-20150511_154412.jpg   wpid-20150511_155757.jpg

wpid-20150511_163251.jpg     wpid-20150511_161954.jpg

Tuesday 12th May     We is chilling on Bart. West Common revisited for more poochy fun-time. We will be away along the cut, leaving Lovely Lincoln for pastures new tomorrow, as we also leave the Fossdyke Navigation joining the Witham Navigation. Caio for now.

Wednesday 13 May     

Bart begins the departure of ye-olde citee of Lincoln on a (fittingly) beautiful day. We cruise into the wide basin known as ‘Brayford Pool’ as Bart comes to the end of the Fossdyke Navigation. Green light in the far left (North East) corner tells us it is safe to proceed, so we continue ‘Bart World’ 2015, joining the (River) Witham Navigation.


Black Bart has cruised all 20 miles of the Wonderfully relaxing Fossdyke Navigation.

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