#2 River Soar – North. April 2015

Monday  27th April 2015   We joined the River Soar via Kings lock this morning, on our way to Leicester. Convenient mooring by Aylestone Aldi was utilised, & we’re off again. We descended 8 wide locks today, finally mooring past br15 Birstall. We have cruised past Fantastic scenery (as already experienced in abundance since leaving Yelvertoft) & a mix of urban and old/new industrial buildings. Although we did not stop/moor in Leicester this time. We will definitely investigate the city during a future cruise



Tuesday 28th April    Longest day so far this cruise (although short compared to days on some previous jaunts). Descended 6 wide locks and cruised straight through Pillings lock as both sets of gates were open. Pillings is a flood lock, so feels good it was fully open. Beautiful mooring this evening, past br34 South of Loughborough.

wpid-20150428_160809.jpg   wpid-20150428_165322.jpg

Wednesday 29th April   Walked to Great Central Station this morning.



Wanted to see if the steam engines were out playing. Unfortunately, our (unplanned) timing was poor. Will have to plan next time. Look forward to a proper train ride some other time. Back on Bart, we decided to cruise into Loughborough basin. Bit of a dissapointment. Tight, but winded Bart round & departed, continuing North, descending 2 wide locks, incl the shortish (for Bart) Bishop Meadow lock. We are now moored nr. Br44 Zouch. Lovely mooring, as (mostly) usual, although our Bart is ‘crunching’ on sumit below the waterline. Won’t worry too much. Will try & move about as little as possible this evening.

Thursday 30th April   Not quite as windy today, easier manoeuvering Bart. Descended just 3 wide locks today + cruised straight thru Kegworth shallow lock (another, yippy!! ‘open’ flood lock) Lovely CRT chappies let Bart & crew ‘leap frog’ past, at (our 1st) Zouch lock. Caught up with us at Kegworth deep lock where a brave fox was keeping an eye or two on us.First CRT man wasn’t comfortable sharing Mr/Mrs Fox’s territory. CRT No.2 was a very ‘brave’ man, and old Foxy wasn’t bovered eaver mate. We spotted some Lovely cows again, so after having to reverse our Bart twice (Yes, two attempts) we finally managed to moor safely. Just before Br47 by Redhill Marina in the ‘Shadow’ of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station.

wpid-20150430_133506.jpg  wpid-20150430_133443.jpg


wpid-20150430_201416.jpg  wpid-20150430_150750.jpg

Friday 1st May 2015    Our Bart has been allowed a day of rest today, particularly as there is a mutual affection with/for the shadow casting power station onta udder side of the Soar.

Saturday 2nd May   We make our escape from the pull of that Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, sneaking through the open Ratcliffe flood lock and heading for the River Soar’s junction with the Erewash Canal & the River Trent.

Black Bart has cruised all 30 miles of the Scenic River Soar travelling thru 21 Wide locks.

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